How to harvest, trim, dry and remedy your cannabis plants


The harvest, step by step

Step 1: select the suitable time

Choosing the best time to reduce your marijuana plants will be a element impacting the high quality of your crop. If you want to know what the optimal point at which to harvest, click here.

Regardless of the week in the cannabis life cycle when you determine to harvest, the ideal time of day to do so is in the morning or, if we are speaking about indoor cultivation, when the lights turn on. This is simply because at evening the plant optimises its resin production.

Step two: harvest

Reduce them at the base, 1 at a time. Cutting all your plants and leaving them lying there waiting to be trimmed tends to make no sense. You can harvest complete plants and / or branches, for which we suggest removing the biggest leaves 1st. With the bulkiest material out of the way, it will be considerably less complicated to trim the buds. You can eliminate the massive leaves prior to cutting the plant, so that it remains standing and it is less complicated, or soon after cutting it, as you favor.

Step three – Trimming: Dry or wet?

You could say that there are two “philosophical schools” about this: growers who think in dry trimming, and other individuals who feel wet is the most effective. In the finish it is a query of preference, since each strategies have benefits and disadvantages. Right here we clarify what they are so that you can determine what is most effective for you.

Dry trimming:

Right after removing the massive leaves, hang the plants upside down and let them dry for a week. Right after 7 days, when most of the moisture is gone from the buds, and the leaves about them are dry and brittle, prune incredibly cautiously so that the floral material does not fall off. Each with this type of trimming, or if you do it wet, you can set aside the smaller leaves covered with trichomes to make extractions or hashish.

Dry trimming is advisable if the humidity level in the drying space is low or can be simply adjusted. But when controlling the humidity suggests that you have to use a number of electrical devices, which can be incredibly high priced, wet trimming is almost certainly a wiser option. The most important trouble with utilizing dehumidifiers —  one or additional, based on the size of the space — is that apart from drying the air, they also create heat, speeding up the drying course of action and negatively affecting the buds, which could finish up drying also quick. Therefore the value of setting the devices according to the environmental circumstances in the space. In order to acquire a higher-high quality final solution, temperatures should really be kept amongst 18-23ºC and humidity, amongst 55 and 65 per cent.

  • Positive aspects:The smell and taste are far better preserved. The metabolism of the flowers is slowed down simply because these are covered with tiny, resin-packed leaflets, which are excellent for extractions and make for a additional intense flavour and the aroma. Oxidation by way of the air is slowed down also, accounting for the slower, additional useful metabolism course of action.
  • Disadvantages:Leaving the smaller leaves throughout drying can lead to the look of mould and mildew. With dry trimming it is less complicated to inadvertently tear off component of the bud. A single powerful way to avert ailments and fungal attacks is to monitor the plants closely on a every day basis.

Wet trimming:

Put on latex gloves to preserve the resin from sticking to your hands, and commence cautiously. Try not to crush the buds. Although they’re not created of porcelain, be gentle with them to keep away from damaging the trichomes. When cutting the bigger leaves attempt to get to the base of the petiole (the stem holding the bud), and do so as rapidly as feasible, as leaving it can lead to mould throughout the drying. Reduce the smaller leaves that develop about the bud so that the final outcome is as clean as feasible. Wet trimming favours air circulation inside the plant matter, which is especially advantgeous if the humidity level in the drying space is also higher. If such is the case, you can use a dehumidifier to assist you preserve the suitable temperature (18-23ºC) and humidity (55-65 per cent), but bear in thoughts that these devices can be challenging to use. A additional benefit of wet trimming is that it prevents the danger of fungal ailments.

  • Positive aspects:Improves airflow and facilitates drying. Prevents fungal ailments, especially botrytis.
  • Disadvantage:The drying is not as even, the high quality of taste and aroma is not as excellent as with dry trimming, and additional harm is completed to the trichomes. Also, if drying is also quick, the metabolism course of action could be impacted and the flowers could create a leafy taste — which no grower desires.


How to dry you cannabis plants

As soon as you have removed the biggest leaves from your plants (in the case of dry trimming), or they are fully trimmed (wet pruning), tie them at the base of the most important stem upside down. An effortless way to location them in the drying space is to set up a wall-to-wall line (secured to two pins) and to tie the plants to it, as if you had been hanging garments out to dry. Right after 15 days (roughly) your buds will be dry and prepared for the curing stage. For the duration of the course of action, 75 per cent of the water content material of the plants will evaporate into stem and gas.

Right here are some suggestions to assist you throughout the drying course of action:

  • Maintain the drying space dark.
  • Maintain a continuous temperature (amongst 18 and 23ºC) and humidity level (amongst 55 and 65 per cent). This step is crucial as these two parameters have a direct influence on the high quality of the weed.
  • Maintain track of modifications that may perhaps have an effect on the final outcome with a digital thermo-hygrometer that records minimum and maximum values.
  • Set the exhaust and intake fans (keep away from utilizing a stand fan) to run for 5 minutes each and every two hours in order to make sure suitable ventilation in the drying space.
  • Monitor the harvested plants on a every day basis to timely detect fungal development. If you discover an infected flower, take it out of the drying space, place it in a sealed bag and dispose of it straight away.
  • Take a sample from the flowers at diverse moments and steadily verify the maturity stage of every single plant. You can squeeze the flowers to see if they creak as effectively as to analyse the aroma they give off — variety of smell, intensity and the like.
  • Taste the weed soon after 15-20 days and verify its ripeness. The flowers should really be fully dry and prepared for consumption inside a maximum of 1 month. That stated, if you want to additional enhance the properties of your weed, you can topic the flowers to the so-referred to as curing course of action.

How to remedy your cannabis plants

Cannabis is cured to enhance the high quality of the flowers. A thriving curing course of action includes handling 3 parameters — i.e. temperature, humidity and light — as these significantly have an effect on the high quality of the final solution.

Right here are some suggestions for an optimal curing course of action:

  • Location the flowers inside airtight glass jars. For the duration of the 1st 3 weeks, open them for ten minutes each and every day. When you do so, make certain the space is not illuminated, as light could degrade the flowers and have an effect on their high quality.
  • Maintain a continuous temperature (about 20ºC) and humidity (amongst 50 and 55 per cent) in the storing space.
  • Taste the flowers each and every week to verify their ripeness. If the taste is bland or leafy, you can location some citrus peels inside the jars. These should really be removed soon after eight days.
  • In the 4 months following harvest, open the jars for twenty minutes a couple of instances a month. Open them just when for ten minutes on month 5 and cease ventilating on month six.
  • On month eight, the course of action grinds to a halt and the flavour and aroma begin to drop intensity. As for the impact, it tends to get additional physical and sedative, but the high quality of the weed is nonetheless great.

Hopefully, these ideas will assist you go about the final stages of the expanding course of action in a additional effective way. As you currently know, they are crucial to a higher-high quality final solution.

Pleased harvesting!


By Dinafem
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