How I lowered my tolerance as a heavy smoker : Marijuana


Hey guys! I just wanted to share my story on how I lowered my tolerance as a heavy smoker

About me: So I (24M, 155lbs) moved to the fantastic state of Colorado about a year and a half ago. Prior to I moved I was a 1-two joint a day smoker on function nights and possibly three a day on the weekends. Right after I moved to Co I began dabbing fairly heavy and would smoke a joint prior to or immediately after 1-two dabs. I could consume a 1000mg edible in a day (not a typo) and nonetheless smoke all through the day so needless to say I had a Pretty higher tolerance.

Fundamentally I got sick of obtaining to do three dabs and a joint to get ripped so I decided to attempt and reduced my tolerance but nonetheless preserve smoking.

How: What I began with appropriate away was I quit dabbing cold turkey. That wasnt also tough but required to be completed to make any progress. Right after that what I did was limit my smoking every single evening. I reduce it down to just a joint a evening immediately after function which honestly sucked the initially two-three days. But immediately after the initially week or so I noticed that I wasnt even finishing my joints every single evening, so I knocked it down to two bowls. Right after a couple of days of that, just 1 bowl a evening. Then I began skipping smoking a day or two every single week. I am presently at that point nonetheless and I am extremely delighted with my outcomes! I can have a single bowl and I will be flying higher for a couple of hours and I could not be happier! Not only are my highs additional pronounced, I can in fact commence telling the distinction in between strains once again when prior to it didnt make a distinction.

Although this clearly isnt a large secret, I just wanted to share my expertise and hopefully inspire other people. It wasnt an straightforward approach but not tough either. The hardest component for me was just breaking the habit of the entire social approach (get house, smoke with homies, consume, smoke once again with homies)

Pro tip: when cutting back attempt consuming broccoli or mangos 30mins prior to smoking. It Considerably increases the effects of smoking, enabling the similar higher with significantly less kush


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