For the people today out there that like to ingest, but endure from anxiousness no matter whether it is unrelated, or connected to the ingestion of thc, how do you deal? I lately picked up a thc cart which is 92% thc. Prior to this, I have not smoked (aside from cbd weed) in properly more than 1.five years. I began out incredibly compact hits, and it was okay. I gradually have been consuming much more and much more, and I’ve been enjoying it, it does not really feel sloppy and out of manage like I utilised to really feel. On the other hand, final evening I took a handful of hits larger then typical, and in quite speedy succession, just before bed, and like much less then five minutes just before I passed out, I realized how toasted I was, as I could not really feel any discomfort and it felt like my hands and feet had been just jello, like I could not really feel them, but could really feel them and definitely move all at the identical time. I have not been that higher in a lengthy time. It was lit, and a small anxiousness causing all at the identical time. I love the thoughts higher, but not so a lot the physique higher however. One particular time following i felt kinda wobbly, and the initial morning following consuming the evening just before for the initial time i felt stumbly like hungover virtually. Must I just hold my dosing pretty low, and just go slow and ease myself into it? I am undertaking it for medicinal rewards much more then for enjoyable, so I want this to be a pleasant encounter and anything I can continue undertaking devoid of ruining it for myself. Thanks for any input.