Crafty With Cannabis: 7 DIY Weed Projects to Attempt


There’s additional to marijuana than just smoking bud. From balms, oils, tinctures, candies, and even bath salts — the globe of cannabis is Massive small business. But it does not have to imply major spending. If you are a crafty 1, then this post’s for you.

Verify out our favored DIY cannabis craft projects under. They’re a exciting way to get inventive and beneficial if you are seeking to attempt new items or use up any old shake laying about.

Cannabis Infused Oil

Attempt your hand at generating homemade cannabis oil. This DIY project attributes an simple-to-adhere to guide to building a handy, at-household discomfort reliever. With just a handful of components and a handful of days of waiting, you will have a jar complete of medicine!

DIY Bubble Hash &amp Rosin Shatter

Save some income and make your personal bubble hash! This step-by-step guide shows you how.  

Grind Weed With out a Grinder

Each and every genuine smoker has a grinder that they really like and trust… but at times, you come across your self in precarious scenarios. if your beloved grinder ever breaks, gets lost or stolen, then this guide to grinding devoid of a grinder should really come in handy. With just a handful of household products, you can be on your way to chopped-up weed in no time.  

Cannabis Bath Salts

We entirely subscribe to the “treat yourself” mantra and this homemade cannabis craft is the finest way to do it. Just after a extended day or a difficult exercise, there’s nothing at all additional relaxing than a restful soak in the bath. Take this chance to elevate the knowledge with homemade cannabis bath salts. These mineral-wealthy salt and critical herb balls dissolve in a tub of warm water to add relaxation and discomfort relief to your routine.

CannaButter Recipe  

Cannabutter should really be a household staple. You can bake brownies with it, cook pastas in it, and/or spread it on toast. This solution is an simple way to delight in finding higher whilst consuming your favored foods. Just adhere to these 10 easy measures to make homemade cannabutter. And, it only calls for 3 components!  

Homemade Cannabis Lollipops

Lollipops get a grown-up makeover with this upgraded marijuana-filled version. On the surface, this DIY weed lollipop recipe could possibly appear hard but it is in fact quite simple if you adhere to the directions. Completely worth the work if it implies bomb-ass lollipops that you can grab and go anyplace with — or give away to buddies, if you are feeling generous.  

DIY Growbox

Interested in developing your personal stash? It is simple with this DIY step-by-step growbox guide — excellent for weed enthusiasts seeking to personal the procedure from starting to finish.

DIY Smoke Deodorizer

We saved the finest for final. This DIY project can not be purchased at any dispensary but can quickly be produced at household with a paper towel rod and dryer sheets. If you do not want your household smelling stank, get to function generating this homemade weed deodorizer.

Content Cannabis Crafting

Which cannabis craft are you going to attempt out? With these step-by-step tutorials, it is less difficult than ever to incorporate additional weed into your life. Attempt out a new recipe with your cannabutter, or take in a extended soak with your marijuana bath salts. What ever floats your boat — any of these projects would be a exciting way to commit the weekend.


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