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Announcing Absolutely free .blog Subdomains

A terrific web site deserves a terrific address on the internet. Now you can use a free of charge .weblog subdomain on

More than the final thirteen years or so, the quantity of web-sites on has grown — a lot. Every one particular of these web-sites gets a exclusive address. And due to the fact there are millions of web-sites made every year, it implies the address you’d like is not often offered.

Nowadays, a complete new variety of possibility opens up: free of charge .weblog subdomains.

What’s a subdomain?

Glad you asked! This site’s address is Right here, is the domain and blog is the subdomain.

Say your name is Molly and you are beginning a meals weblog. The domain — that is, the subdomain “mollysfoodblog” on — is currently taken by a person. Or you are beginning a internet site to present tech guidance but there’s currently a web site working with, drat!

Now you have additional alternatives: you can select to use a free of charge subdomain with a .weblog address, like mollys.meals.weblog or There’s a list of well-liked .weblog domains we’ve reserved just for this:

  • art.weblog
  • business enterprise.weblog
  • vehicle.weblog
  • code.weblog
  • information.weblog
  • design and style.weblog
  • loved ones.weblog
  • style.weblog
  • finance.weblog
  • fitness.weblog
  • meals.weblog
  • game.weblog
  • wellness.weblog
  • residence.weblog
  • law.weblog
  • film.weblog
  • music.weblog
  • news.weblog
  • photo.weblog
  • poetry.weblog
  • politics.weblog
  • college.weblog
  • science.weblog
  • sport.weblog
  • tech.weblog
  • travel.weblog
  • video.weblog
  • water.weblog

These .weblog subdomains operate just like the standard subdomains — they do not expire, they’re free of charge to use for the lifetime of your web site, and you can often replace them with a custom domain at any time.

How do I get one particular?

Initial, generate your new web site. In the very first step of signup, we’ll ask you about your purpose for your web site — choose only the “Share tips, experiences, updates, evaluations, stories, videos, or photos” selection. In our encounter, the individuals who choose this selection usually discover that a .weblog subdomain fits their web site effectively. Fill out the other fields as effectively, and click Continue

Now, in the subsequent step when looking for a web site address, you will see a free of charge selection at the prime of the list. We’ll recommend a .weblog subdomain connected to the terms you entered in the very first step. For instance, if you searched for “Tech Assistance,” we may possibly recommend as an address for your web site.

Click Select subsequent to the address you select, and you are all set,

Your new internet site and its ideal address are only a couple of clicks away. If you commence a new web site with a .weblog subdomain, let us know in the comments! We’d really like see what you generate.


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