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It really should come as no surprise, to any individual, that cannabis has been deified by proponents and supporters who regard it as a remedy-all for a quantity of ailments afflicting each the physique and the thoughts.

We are frequently told that cannabis is an successful therapy for ailments as non-descript as chronic discomfort to insidious ailments such as cancer.

It begs the query, to what degree is this rhetoric correct, verifiable, credible, accepted, or supported?

Each and every day, organic search benefits and social media platforms are flooded with hyperlinks to new “studies” claiming, suggesting, or intimating that cannabis is, or could potentially be, a viable therapy for a host of physiological and psychological challenges.

These “studies” are generated with such frequency that it becomes almost not possible to unpack the falsehoods perpetuated in 1 post ahead of 5 far more take its spot.

The net is a effective tool and it would be an asset to folks seeking to post thoughtful, transparent, and cited content material.

Regrettably, high-quality content material and the folks who make it, are supplanted by the prevalence of clickbait and folks who are vying for web page views and conversions.

To make matters worse, the businesses that have taken up the job of indexing and organizing the net for us have increasingly trended toward an “internet of, and for, things” tailored to help marketing and advertising and sales.

Even though this has created search engines far more intuitive in terms of connecting us with internet sites or pages that most closely resemble or answer our search queries, it has had a adverse influence on content material that was not expressly written with web page views or ranking in thoughts.

The outcome has been that what would be regarded high-quality writing in other types of media is regarded verbose, dense, and not user-friendly on line.

Search engines, and the companies they serve, have found that the typical particular person does not like to study, or find out for learning’s personal sake.

As a outcome, information and facts has been excessively commoditized. Consequently, companies and marketers, to stay competitive, continually recycle and repackage content material of tiny depth. In a way, they are hoping to capitalize on the intellectual laziness of the typical net user.

What Does This Imply for Cannabis?

In the context of cannabis, this indicates that a particular person is significantly far more most likely to be presented with a disingenuous or inaccurate post entitled “The Prime 10 Wellness Added benefits of Pot” than they are genuine analysis.

Competing with the onslaught of poor-high-quality information and facts is extremely complicated. It is not as very simple as growing the volume of output for excellent-high-quality information and facts. This is for a extremely very simple explanation it requires a fraction of the time to say anything stupid than it does to say anything sensible.

If it requires you longer to create anything than it does for you to conceptualize it in your thoughts, then it is far more than most likely an concept of tiny depth, and by extension an post or post of tiny substance.

The reality is that the net caters to, and rewards, folks who prize frequency and volume to the detriment of high-quality analysis, writing, editing and citation.

Ostensibly, engagement is higher insofar as folks are clicking, liking, sharing, posting, up-voting, downloading, and subscribing.

The truth is that though these on line interactions represent physical engagement with content material (print or video), a channel, or site, it in no way demonstrates intellectual engagement.

As far as any of this pertains to cannabis, the onus is on each content material creators and net user’s to care about what is stated, how it is stated, and why it is stated.

Content material creators ought to adapt to the commoditization of information and facts devoid of sacrificing integrity, and net customers ought to come to be far more discerning.

Supply your information and facts from folks or websites that have a clear worth-set, and who take methods to be as transparent and genuine as achievable irrespective of whether it is the inclusion of disclaimers, appropriate citations, the inclusion of systematic or key analysis, or peer reviewed literature.

This web-site is my try at delivering sourced and cited content material to empower folks to make informed choices as cannabis customers and shoppers, as effectively as for their well being.

Some of the material on this web-site is anecdotal, but in these situations it will be abundantly clear that the post is subjective.

If you would like to contribute to this web-site, or collaborate on content material, please attain out to us!

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