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At Head Shop Headquarters, we are not only recognized for our superior items, Absolutely free Shipping, and our Value Match Assure, but as specialists in our field. To us, promoting bongs and glass pipes is not just about moving inventory, it is about making certain that every single buyer gets the solution that greatest suits them. That is why we have a wide assortment of items, to make positive that you—the customer—has all the data they need to have prior to generating a buy.

…and if you do not care about any of this and you just want to jump straight to our evaluations of the greatest Percolator Bongs, scroll to the bottom!

What is a Percolator Bong? 

A percolator bong is a bong that makes use of an extra chamber to filter and cool down the smoke permitting for a smoother hit from your bong. The percolator has several holes and lives inside the bong.

So no need to have for extra add-on pieces—if you have been afraid of toting about additional accessories.

How Does a Percolator Bong Perform? 

The percolator bong additional or significantly less operates as a secondary water chamber. As you pull in smoke from your bong, the smoke gets pushed by way of tiny holes inside the secondary water chamber—this is the approach of percolating.

Right here are the two methods how a percolator bong operates:

  1. As the smoke tends to make get in touch with with the water in the secondary chamber, it naturally cools down. This approach also increases the general surface region of the smoke, permitting it to cool even additional. 
  2. As the percolator pressurizes the smoke, it breaks the bubbles down so they are considerably smaller sized permitting for a smoother hit.

how does a percolator bong work

Obtaining the Ideal Percolator Bong for You

There are no downsides to finding a percolator bong. The only challenge comes with locating the greatest percolator bong that is correct for you. You can scour other web pages, but that is what tends to make us the greatest on line headshop. Our truthful evaluations will aid you come across the prime rated percolator bong that is correct for your smoking wants.


Head Shop Headquarter’s Ideal Percolator Bongs 




Generating the Reduce: Percolator Bong Critiques

UPC Double Percolator Beaker Bong

Till Prohibition Ceases or UPC is an american glass manufacturer generating trusted but low-priced bongs. This has not one particular but two percolators either trees or showerheads. Each create exceptional percolation with minimal drag.

Grav Labs Honeycomb Percolator Bong

Grav Labs excels at anything they do. This bong is an instance of the good quality they are capable to create. Honeycombs are one particular of the most preferred forms of percolators due to the fact the substantial quantity of tiny holes percolates incredibly properly with out slowing you down.

HeadshopHQ Double Tree Percolator Beaker Bong

HeadshopHQ has two tree percolators for additional smoke filtration. Tree percolators are some of the greatest at filtration. This beaker bong has pretty thick glass, 5mm thick. The splashguard will stop on dirty water finding into your mouth.

Grav Labs Stax Aquilus Package

We just had to throw this beast into the mix. This bong comes in 3 pieces for simple cleaning and so you are capable to modify out with new peices anytime you want. The coil percolator operates wonders. The greatest element about this bong has to be the substantial rips you can get out of this 23″ bong.

We Only Sell High quality

We’ve chosen 4 items for you due to the fact these are either our greatest sellers or they have exceptional functions that are worth noting. If you didn’t see what you liked right here, we advocate checking out our whole percolator collection. 

We only sell good quality, so what ever you decide on, we know you will be pleased. Pleased smoking!


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