How to Clean Your Bong


Correct Technique for Cleaning your Bong

A dirty bong is the quantity one particular way to ruin the taste and high-quality of the item you are smoking out of it. On the contrary, a clean bong can vastly boost the high-quality of the tobacco or herb you are smoking out of it. Cleaning your bong is an straightforward 5-step method that we will go more than right here.

Supplies Necessary to Clean Your Bong

In order to go via the measures that will be listed under, you will require the following supplies:

  • A deep sink or tub
  • An alcohol answer (91% Isopropyl, or 100% Acetone/Nail Polish Remover if you require a heavier clean.)
  • Some sort of course salt. Normally this is Epsom Salt
  • Some material to plug the holes. Based on the size, you could require cotton balls, q-guidelines, or hand towels.

As soon as you have all of these components handy, stick to these measures to clean your bong:

Step One particular: Rinse Out Your Bong

The very first point you will want to do is empty out the water that is currently in your bong and rinse it various occasions. Do this with hot water and get rid of as considerably of the debris as you possibly can employing just water.

Step Two: Add Cleaning Supplies

This is exactly where you add your alcohol answer and salt. If you are preparing on letting your bong sit a bit longer, you can add additional salt than alcohol. If you are in additional of a hurry, on the other hand, add additional salt to make the shaking additional successful.

Step 3: Cover Openings of the Bong

Normally a hand towel is the finest choice for the major tube and cotton balls are finest for the stem and bowl openings. The objective right here is to make confident that all holes are entirely sealed to avoid any leaks or spills in the subsequent step.

Step 4: Shake

As soon as you have let your answer sit as lengthy as you wish, it is time to start out shaking. You are going to want to shake up your bong fairly abrasively. This enables the salt inside of the bong to do all of the scrubbing for you. Hold shaking for a when to enable the salt to clean via even the tougher spots on the bong.

Step 5: Empty, Rinse, and Appreciate

Empty out your dirty cleaning answer into the sink or tub. You are going to want to rinse via your bong various occasions to get rid of all the dirty water. Make confident that there is no trace of alcohol or fumes just before filling the bong back up with clean water and enjoying a fresh, clean bong.

It is probable, if you didn’t shake or let your bong sit lengthy sufficient, that you could have to repeat the method. Based on how lengthy you have gone without having cleaning your bong, some spots could be additional complicated to get to. In addition, you could have to clean out smaller sized regions separately employing a pipe-cleaner and an alcohol answer. Just recall that if you place in the time now, you will get a considerably improved smoke later.

Way to Clean Your Bong Significantly less

There are various techniques to preserve your bong cleaner to enable for much less cleaning. Ash Catchers, for instance, are a superb way to reduce down on the labor needed for cleaning a bong. Ash Catchers attach to your bong and catch the ash, debris, and resin that generally goes straight into your bong.

 An Ash Catcher is considerably less difficult to clean. For a small value, you can reduce your time considerably cleaning your bong by employing an ash catcher available in our retailer at an unbeatable value!


In addition to employing an ash catcher, you need to be on a regular basis replacing your water in your bong. This gets rid of a lot of the ash and resin that gets into the water just before it has a possibility to stick onto the glass of your bong. A frequent water cycle for your bong is an straightforward and successful way to reduce the cleaning of your bong down considerably. Your bong wants fresh water to reside! Do not neglect it.

An straightforward way to preserve track of your water cycles is to retailer your bong without having any water in it. Even though this system demands a great quantity of function, it demands considerably much less function than it requires to clean your bong out! Emptying your water right after every use is a terrific way to make sure that your bong stays considerably cleaner and is in a position to give you with a improved smoke every and every single time.

Beyond the “How to Clean Your Bong” Stages?

Is your bong beyond cleaning? Do not have a bong? Just do not really feel like cleaning your bong? We have an amazing choice of items waiting for your perusal in our on the web headshop. 

As soon as you get your bong, recall to take care of it and clean it on a regular basis!


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