Hemp or pot? Cannabis enterprise sues more than seizure of truck in Idaho


Major Sky Scientific desires its item released, and an apology

BOISE, Idaho — A enterprise has filed a lawsuit against Idaho State Police and Ada County just after authorities seized almost 7,000 pounds of cannabis from a truck headed to Colorado, the Idaho Statesman reported.

Authorities who stopped the truck stated it was filled with marijuana, but Major Sky Scientific LLC, which was shipping the item to Colorado, stated in the lawsuit that it is industrial hemp, which is now legal below the not too long ago passed U.S. Farm Bill.

Hemp is a non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana. Each hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants.

Major Sky desires its item returned and desires an admission of wrongdoing from the Idaho authorities, according to the Idaho Statesman.

The truck’s driver, Dennis Palamarchuk, 36, of Portland, Oregon, was arrested and charged with a felony.

The truck was stopped on Jan. 24 as aspect of a routine, random industrial automobile security inspection in between Boise and Mountain House, ISP spokesman Tim Marsano stated. The driver’s bill of lading — a document that facts the cargo in the shipment — stated the trailer was carrying 31 bags of hemp.

Hemp and marijuana plants appear and smell comparable, but hemp plants normally include significantly less than .three % of THC — the psychoactive chemical in marijuana — when marijuana plants frequently include anyplace from 15 to 40 % THC.

The plants also have diverse utilizes: Hemp can be applied to create a wide variety of solutions which includes meals, industrial oil, paper, flour and clothes.

Marijuana plants are generally grown for their THC content material, and are legal in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California and various other states but are illegal in Idaho.

The trooper detected a powerful odor of marijuana for the duration of the inspection and opened a single of the bags and performed a field test, Marsano stated.

The test showed the plant to be a marijuana plant, and a subsequent group of K9 drug-detection dogs that arrived also indicated that marijuana was present, he stated.

Marsano could not say how low of a THC content material will create a constructive outcome by the field tests or regardless of whether the dogs had been educated to differentiate in between marijuana and hemp.

Nonetheless, he stated transporting something containing THC is a chargeable offense in Idaho.

Testing on the plant matter is becoming expedited, Marsano told the newspaper Friday.

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