Tahnee told me that she unexpectedly found the rewards of cannabis throughout one particular of the sickest days of her early remedy. Weighing only eighty-nine pounds, she was so ill and weak from chemo that she could barely move. Out of total desperation, her parents referred to as a pal who they knew utilised cannabis. Tahnee’s pal came more than and gently blew cannabis smoke about Tahnee’s frail physique. Within minutes, Tahnee could stand up. She felt hungry for the 1st time in weeks. Cannabis brought her back to life, providing her strength and hope. Chemo at some point stopped operating for Tahnee, but cannabis continued to heal her whilst she explored clinical trials and option remedies.

Cannabis sparked a fire in Tahnee. She believed that just about every cancer patient deserved access to the plant as a portion of their remedy strategy. Cannabis was by no means a recreational drug for her, but a simple human correct for any individual in discomfort. It was her mission to use her practical experience to make men and women far more open to exploring the rewards of cannabis. When I met Tahnee I had no notion what I wanted to do in the cannabis sector but I was certain of one particular point: far more men and women required to know her story. She was the inspiration for the 1st cannabis women’s circle. She was and will continue to be the inspiration for Cannabis Feminist. 

Tahnee was in the middle of filming her documentary, Tahnee’s Medicine, when her well being started to decline a handful of months ago. The final time I saw her was on Valentine’s Day when she planned, hosted and cooked a cannabis-infused vegan dinner for her loved ones and pals. The occasion was referred to as “Enjoy Oneself” and it was the most attractive Valentine’s Day celebration I’ve ever observed. Pals and loved ones rallied about Tahnee as she served her guests homemade apple roses, vegan mac-n-cheese and infused jackfruit tacos. She was glowing with pride and her smile lit up the space. 

Tahnee was by no means a cancer patient. Cancer did not define her or hold her back in any way. If you met her you almost certainly would not think that she was sick at all. She was a fierce warrior, sister, daughter and pal and a loyal Cannabis Feminist whose story will modify the course of history for cannabis and well being. Cancer was just a platform to amplify her magic.

Tahnee Shah, I will fight for cannabis in your honor for the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing your light with all of us. This is only the starting of your effect on me and on the planet.