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Knowledgeable psychonauts, these who have encounter using unique sorts of psychedelics, say that applying cannabis aids to improve – by its literal definition, to raise to a larger degree, intensify, and magnify – their psychedelic journeys. There are not truly any research out there to confirm their reports, so let’s take a appear at how cannabis could be in a position to improve each the very good and the negative of the psychedelic encounter.


Psychedelics vs. Cannabis


Psychedelics act pretty differently in the brain than cannabis. Psychedelics like dimethlytryptamine (DMT), LSD (acid), and psilocybin (magic mushrooms) are typtamines, which activate neurotransmitters that generate serotonin, contributing to feelings of happiness and effectively-getting, and dopamine, a separate neurotransmitter that interacts with brain’s reward and pleasure centers.


Each cannabis and psychedelics can induce feelings of happiness by way of unique interactions with the brain. photo credit

Recognized for their capability to incite ego dissolution, feelings of connectedness to nature, profound visual modifications, and intensified sensory experiences, psychedelics also have physiological effects like enhanced blood stress and heart price, and can result in nervousness, paranoia, and panic.

Cannabis interacts with the body’s personal endocannabinoid program, which aids to regulate the body’s program of homeostasis, which is your body’s way to retain your internal atmosphere steady and in the “Goldilock’s zone,” exactly where almost everything is just correct. The wellness advantages of cannabis are effectively-identified, but cannabis also produces side-effects, like feelings of panic and anxiousness, hypertension (higher blood stress), hypotension (low blood stress), and fast heart price.


Combining Cannabis and Psychedelics


When substances are taken collectively, they can either interact synergistically, operating collectively to build a higher impact than they would individually, or antagonistically, exactly where the interaction my block or lessen the effectiveness of one particular or each substances.


Whether or not cannabis and psychedelics act with synergy or antagonism is not effectively-studied, but these who have attempted the two collectively say that cannabis appears to act a lot more synergistically.


“I’ve located that applying a little quantity of cannabis just before and following my journey acts as a mental lubricant when applying a psychedelic,” says Josh, an NYC-primarily based actor and voice more than artist. “It aids me unwind into the encounter as I give into the energy of the entheogen, and also aids to bring me back into my physique following the trip.” He goes on to say that he only makes use of a mild quantity of cannabis, which supplies a comfy bookend to his complete method and encounter.

Smoking a Joint

Despite the fact that minimally researched, several folks think cannabis enhances the effects of psychedelics.

And Josh is not alone. Several folks who use them collectively say that cannabis, specifically with LSD, can improve visual effects and make the trip a lot more intense. Having said that, it could also magnify some of LSD’s significantly less pleasant elements, like paranoia, anxiousness, and enhanced heart price.


How Cannabis Influences Effects


Here’s how cannabis could interact with other psychedelic drugs:


The active molecule in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, has been identified to result in anxiousness in some folks. If you are prone to anxiousness or paranoia with cannabis, or magic mushrooms for that matter, this is a mixture to stay clear of. Conversely, if you discover cannabis to be a beneficial tool to lessen anxiousness, it could be beneficial in smaller sized doses. Must you pick to contain cannabis with psilocybin, applying about half of what you would ordinarily use will make for a much better psychedelic encounter


Recognized as the most potent hallucinogen, DMT, the active ingredient in ayahuasca, packs the most highly effective psychedelic punch. DMT is an extremely quickly-acting substance, with an onset of about 10-60 seconds when taken alone. The trip itself is about 10-20 minutes. Since DMT is so quickly acting, applying it with cannabis is practically not possible, and is not at all advisable. Having said that, applying cannabis just before or following applying DMT could assist method insights from the DMT encounter


Mescaline, or peyote, which acts similarly to LSD and psilocybin, can also result in nausea. Cannabis could be beneficial to assist ease nausea triggered by mescaline, but only following a number of hours into the trip and just a little quantity to take the edge off. Cannabis could also heighten the general psychedelic encounter, like enhanced sights, sounds, and psychological insights

Mixing cannabis and psychedelics is absolutely not for folks new to either substance. Making use of them collectively can make for a also-intense encounter that could be tough to handle and method physically, mentally, and emotionally. Having said that, with the correct know-how and dosing, cannabis can be a pretty complementary substance to a psychedelic journey. Must you make a decision to use psychedelics and cannabis simultaneously, be confident that you are in protected, familiar, and comfy surroundings, and be in the organization of a person you know effectively and trust.

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