Bipartisan Bill to Legalize Marijuana Deliveries Filed in Washington State


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Legislation that would legalize the delivery of marijuana to these 21 and older has been filed in Washington’s Home of Representatives.

Home Bill 1358 was filed by State Representative Steve Kirby (D) and is cosponsored by Representatives Brandon Vick (R) and Brian Blake (D). Filed currently, the measure has been referred to the Home Commerce and Gaming Committee.

Especially, the measure would add a new section to chapter 69.50 of the RCW stating that “A marijuana delivery endorsement to a marijuana retailer license is established to permit a qualifying marijuana retailer to deliver marijuana for private use to any person twenty-one particular years of age or older.”

The Washington state liquor and cannabis board would be authorized to “establish the charge for the marijuana delivery endorsement””, and a marijuana retailer holding a delivery endorsement “may charge a charge to the consumer for any delivery produced
in accordance with this section.”

The complete text of Home Bill 1358 click right here.


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