Woolsey Fire Fundraiser Set for Feb. 15 in downtown Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES – Out of the Ashes, a fundraiser for victims of the current Southern California fires, is set for Friday, February 15, in downtown Los Angeles. Organized by The Malibu Foundation, Future Cannabis Project, Emerald Exchange, California Cannabis Suppliers Association, UCLA Canna Club, and AWA OASIA, proceeds will go to The Malibu Foundation, which is functioning to help in recovery for victims of the Woolsey Fire.

*The list of speakers at the bottom of the web page has been updated*


The all-day event—which will function activities that incorporate yoga classes, massage therapy, musical performances, panel discussions, and a 4-course chef’s dinner—is supported by cannabis-associated providers and organizations. A handful of of these are Los Angeles NORML, Boveda, Flow Kana, Papa &amp Barkley, 99 Malibu Higher Tide, CannaCraft, Sonoma Pacific Distribution, Futurola, and CHAKRAS, which is organizing the well being and wellness activities. A comprehensive list of sponsors can be identified at FutureCannabisProject.org.

The notion for the fundraiser originated with Justin Calvino, founder of the Emerald Exchange, and Peter Cervieri, co-founder of Future Cannabis Project, who took the reins. Initially conceived as an evening occasion, plans rapidly escalated when Cervieri identified a spacious downtown venue readily available for the day.

“I figured, why not system an complete day of content material,” he stated. “Now, it is jam-packed with exciting sector conversation plus all the things in the kitchen sink. We have a wellness track with yoga, sound healing and massage therapy, and a conference track if you are in the sector. At evening, there will be a chef-ready dinner, film screenings with cannabis documentaries that will be on Netflix quickly, and music and DJs. Conceptually, it is the cannabis sector coming with each other for one thing that is not just about it.”

An all-day pass fees $30. Tax-deductible, it enables the user to access afternoon panel discussions, register for yoga classes in the onsite yoga studio, and watch films. Meals trucks will be readily available onsite exactly where meals can be bought. An all-day pass plus the 4-course plated chef’s dinner fees $150. There also is a corporate selection for $1000, which involves all the above, 5 further dinner tickets, and acknowledgement as an occasion supporter. “You can even donate ticket(s) to an individual who lost their house in the fire,” market the organizers.

The occasion begins at noon Friday and ends about 1am Saturday. The chef’s dinner is scheduled to commence at 7pm. It will not be just any dinner, assured Cervieri, who’s been hitting up unsuspecting regional organic farms for donations.

“The only farms I’ve approached have been living soil, organic, regional farms,” he stated. “I asked them, ‘Hey, what do you have readily available? Do you want to donate some make to a fantastic trigger for a chef’s dinner?’ They’re all like, ‘Hell, yeah!’ I have one particular farm that donated 50 pounds of organically raised pork.”

Cervieri stated the dinner expertise is shaping up to be organic and diverse. “It’ll be like an Iron Chef competitors, exactly where [the chefs] come to perform prepared to use the components we’ve offered,” he stated. “It’ll be, ‘What are you going to make?’” The dinner, which will function an award-winning California Pinot Noir, also will incorporate a handful of individuals who lost their houses to the fires sharing their stories, as nicely as a silent auction with merchandise and solutions donated by occasion partners.

Regardless of its urban setting, there will be a decided craft vibe to the occasion. “The Emerald Exchange neighborhood of farmers is coming down,” stated Cervieri. “It’ll be craft cannabis meets craft agriculture meets the L.A cannabis enterprise planet. There will be Humboldt growers, Sonoma growers, Mendocino growers, there will be wellness, spiritual, really feel-fantastic activities, and then there also will be straight-up significant panel panel discussions.” A existing list of the panels, which take location through the afternoon, is under. Speakers are topic to modify.

Cervieri was fast to point out that even even though generating the occasion has been very time-consuming, he plans to do far more of them. “I want to use this as a springboard for future events,” he stated. “My overarching notion is, if the cannabis sector can come with each other in help of some trigger, what ever it could be, to show that we give a damn about far more than just ourselves, it aids inoculate us against unfavorable public perception. This time we could raise $50,000 for victims of the Woolsey fire. Subsequent time, it could be $100,000 for at-danger youth or cash for cleaning up the beaches. It is just about like it is a PR automobile to show the common public, politicians, and the media that when shit takes place the cannabis sector methods up. What do you do?”

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Juli Crockett, Director of Compliance, MMLG
Pam Epstein, CEO, Green Smart Organizations
Brett Hartmann-Payan, Compliance Leader, Dosist

Robert Hunt, Principal Consultant, Shingle Hill
Brent Cox, Managing Companion, The Inception Organizations
Jay Purcell, M&ampA Lawyer, Clark Neubert LLP

Matt McClain, Founder, Recreator Hemp Apparel
James Eichner, Co-Founder &amp CSO, Sana Packaging
Eva Silva, Producer, Hempsters Plant the Seed and Media Director, BudTrader
Ron Alcalay, Founder &amp CEO, Essential Hemp
Linnea Beedy, Founder &amp President, Klona

Mel Frank, Author, Marijuana Grower’s Guide
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Guy Rocourt, Co-founder &amp Extraction Artist, Papa &amp Barkley



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