Wine and weed | How cannabis and wine are receiving additional comparable


But it is not just the cannabis market that is benefitting from this weed and wine pairing. If you haven’t currently heard about The Wine &amp Weed Symposium 2018, taking spot on August 2nd in Santa Rosa, California, then it is time to verify it out. The principal objective of the occasion is to discover the possibilities and problems that the legalization of cannabis presents to California’s wine market. 1 of the essential places of exploration this August is going to be the possibilities that exist for canna-wine tourism events. Cool, suitable?

If you have got any thoughts, observations, concepts, or opinions about the techniques in which wine and weed look to be operating with each other, we’d really like to hear from you. Equally, if you are interested in elevating the image of your cannabrand identity, and applying the wine market as a reference, we can guide you via the course of action. Let’s get inventive!


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