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Though chillum pipes have been about for hundreds of years, it has just been in the final couple of that these have turn out to be extremely trendy. Whether or not your pals favor chillums for the reason that they offer ease of use, or they just appear cool, the increasing trend cannot be ignored. Whether or not you are right here to discover how to smoke a chillum, or you currently know which one particular you want and you just require to pick from the most effective choice on line, Head Shop Headquarters has you covered.


What is a Chillum? 

A chillum is a slender like pipe without the need of a carb hole on the side. The carb hole is what regulates air flow to the mouth piece. Chillums can also be named one particular hitters or bats for the reason that of how they appear. Everybody ought to have a chillum in their collection for the reason that they offer a lot of rewards other pieces of glass can not.

How to Use a Chillum:

Pile your loose tobacco on a tray and press the finish of the chillum into the pile. Press in with a finger to make confident it stays. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and light the opposite finish. Inhale gradually and lightly, you will not want to suck an ash into your mouth — and this is how you use a one particular hitter. Verify to see if its nevertheless lit and take an additional hit if it is nevertheless burning. Chillums are tiny pieces so you will not get to numerous hits out of them. Clean out your bowl by blowing into the mouthpiece and then pack an additional one particular for the reason that why not?

The Advantages of a Chillum:

There are numerous wonderful rewards chillum pipes have that no other piece has, but right here is our run down of the top rated six rewards of smoking a chillum pipe:

1) Chillums are extremely discreet. You will by no means discover a piece a lot more discreet than a chillum. This is a plus when it comes to travel for the reason that they can be effortlessly stored with discretion due to their tiny size.

two) Chillums are fantastic for group sessions. If you have a fantastic chillum and dry adequate tobacco, the bowls cherry will keep lit all through the whole bowl. This tends to make these wonderful for passing about in bigger groups—it’s like passing about and hitting a blunt, but with significantly less slobber.

three) Chillums are uncomplicated to pack. Take your tobacco, make it into a small mound on a really hard surface. Then, basically press your bowl into the mound, the tobacco will pack inside. It is actually that uncomplicated. Practically nothing to slow your rotation in the course of your group session.

four) Chillums are excellent for roaches. With a chillum, you can stick the finish of your roach ideal into it. Or, you can smoke the complete joint that way. It delivers you the most effective of each worlds.

five) Chillums are low cost. That is ideal. Though we advise that you have an assortment of merchandise for your smoking demands, some of them can be down-ideal cheap—and fortunately for you, this is one particular of these situations exactly where price tag does not tremendously influence the good quality of the item. Chillums are pretty tiny and can be purchased for pretty small.

six) Chillums make cleaning uncomplicated. Utilizing a small bit of alcohol and a cue tip, your chillum will shine as if it is brand new.

How to Clean a Chillum:

 Simply blowing into the mouthpiece will clear any loose ash in the bowl. If you want to totally clean your chillum its pretty rapid and uncomplicated. 

Approach 1: Boil a pot of water and spot your chillum in there for 20 minutes. Finish cleaning with a Q-tip.

Approach two: Place rubbing alcohol and salt in a ziplock bag with your chillum. Shake the bag till clean.

All the things you Will need to Know About Chillums, Which includes Exactly where to Acquire a Chillum

Now that you know what a chillum is, how to use a chillum, the rewards of smoking with a chillum, and how to clean a chillum, you know all the things you require to know on how to use and keep one particular of these wonderful pipes.

We offer you a range of chillums at Head Shop Headquarters. Every piece is special in its personal way. Make confident you verify out our collection of good quality chillum pipes for your smoking demands. 



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