Week 14 | Milky Trichomes, Harvesting 1st Bud and Back Constructing


Trichomes turning milky

We’ve been watching the trichomes closely for the previous couple weeks and they’ve been beginning to get good and milky, specially the ones on the side leaves.

You can see on the image on the correct hand side that the trichomes are largely milky with a couple nevertheless clear.
Considering that we’re searching for far more of a upper impact we truly want to harvest whilst the THC levels are at their highest, which means when they’re all milky and have just began turning milky. Appears like harvest is coming up quickly &#x1f600

Essential note: Anything we found by the finish of the week, but in order to measure readiness searching at the leaf trichomes is not trustworthy. You need to appear at the flower trichomes or the ones that are are the quite compact leaves sticking out of the buds.

What are Trichomes and how to use them for Harvest Timing?


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