Understanding What is Finest for Your Smoking Desires


Non-smokers likely have no clue what the distinction amongst bubbler vs bong is. Properly, in all fairness, a lot of smokers have no clue either. Quite a few people today obtain a single or the other merely since they have noticed their good friends working with it — or since they feel bubblers look cooler. When push comes to shove, and you ask what convinced any smoker to pick out a single more than the other, you are probably to get handful of precise answers. But, it is fair to say that most smokers do not know all the variations amongst these two smoking devices.

Under are highlights of the variations, and some similarities, amongst the bubbler vs. bong.

Similarities Amongst Bubblers and Bongs

1st, these devices share a single clear important similarity – they’re each smoking devices. Also, some bongs and blubbers appear rather alike as a result producing it challenging for the inexperienced eye to pick out amongst a single and the other. That aside, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The market place is filled with colorful and plain bongs and bubblers, as well. Deciding upon amongst the two generally depends on your tastes and preferences as properly as price range. If you require far more assistance, verify out our bong getting guide. 

Bongs are Water Pipes. Bubblers are Bongs.

Usually, bongs are a form of water pipes for smoking. For quite a few centuries, numerous eastern nations made use of bongs in a comparable manner with hookahs. As for bubblers, the resemblance with bongs is rather noticeable, as previously stated. Nonetheless, bubblers have a tendency to be smaller sized compared to bongs. Their smaller sized size tends to make it less difficult for smokers to operate bubblers with only a single hand. The truth that bubblers are lightweight also contributes to ease of use.

Bubblers have a smaller sized internal chamber as well. Since of this, frequent cleaning is hugely advisable to eliminate debris and other undesirable stuff from gathering inside the internal chamber. Otherwise, the smoker would be exposed to the possibility of going down with an infection from inhaling the undesirable stuff. In terms of size, bongs are a great deal larger. The huge size removes the necessity of cleaning the bongs all the time.

Bubblers Appeal to Young Smokers

Bubblers are extremely well known with young smokers. The purpose for this is young smokers uncover the compact size of the bubblers rather favorable with their tastes. Young smokers favor smoking gadgets with which they can move about comfortably. The compact size tends to make it less difficult for young customers to hide bubblers and to travel with them. Also, the truth that bubblers weigh significantly less compared to bongs aids matters drastically. It also does not hurt that bubblers are generally far more trendy and give you the chance to smoke one thing exclusive.

bubblers vs bongs  

As previously pointed out, bubblers have tiny smoke chambers. Bongs, on the other hand, boast of huge smoke chambers. Apart from that, bubblers are hand-held devices. For their element, bongs are standalone devices that you can operate without the need of carrying or holding them in your hands. Quite a few bubblers have no removable bowls. This is a stark distinction from bongs which have not only a down stem or removable bowl, but also a carb.

Any discussion concerning the bubblers vs. bongs variations can’t be full without the need of speaking about ice cubes. Customers can add ice cubes inside the bongs for a specific smoking knowledge that is not possible to get with bubblers. With bubblers, you can’t add ice cubes — so if that is one thing you favor, you should really appear into getting a bong more than a bubbler. In this regard, bongs are best for any user who desires a far more private knowledge. Ice cubes are great as they cool the smoke down just before you can inhale it.

Just for the ice cubes alone, bongs win the bubblers vs. bongs war. For far more on this, verify out the debate. 

Attributes of Bongs and Bubblers

Debates concerning bubblers vs. bongs will have to take into consideration characteristics. Outstanding characteristics in bongs are:

  1. Lovely style
  2. Produced of higher-good quality glass
  3. Topnotch percolation
  4. Uncomplicated to clean
  5. Tough

On the other hand, characteristics that make bubblers stand out incorporate:

  1. Mixture of tobacco bongs and hand pipes
  2. Uncomplicated to hold in hand
  3. Beautifully developed
  4. Little sizes
  5. Removable bowls

Generally, bubblers act as strong options to bongs. Deciding upon amongst bubblers vs. bongs is probably to give you the preferred enjoyable although smoking your way to a moment of unregulated bliss. The two devices are great for adding the a great deal-required diversity to your smoking knowledge. The two devices give you a smoother smoke, which does not leave you choking and coughing uncontrollably than the a single you could ever get from the classic water or smoking pipes.


There are a lot of similarities and variations amongst bubblers and bongs. The option on what to pick out in the end depends on your preferences and price range. If you have decided you want a bong, verify out all of our bongs below $80 or if you have decided you want a bubbler, verify out our bubbler collection. 


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