TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Solution Evaluation & Tutorial: OG Kush SCROG Develop


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-TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer:

-Electric Sky 300w LEDs (Use Promo Code “GREENBOX5” for five% OFF:

SuperRoots AirPots:

Ocean Forest Potting Soil:

Fox Farm Dirty Dozen Nutrient Pack:

AC Infinity T6 Inline Fan:

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What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for an additional Lit Episode of GreenBox Grown! Now today’s video is in fact going to be a weekly item assessment and the item we will be reviewing is the TNB Naturals CO2 canister. So you will see I have two of them Up right here on my desk with me right here nowadays.  And I will be providing you guys some much more information on how these function in this video. Now prior to we get began with today’s video I want to give a enormous shout out to the TNB Naturals Group as they did hook me up with a good care package which integrated these canisters, some refillable packets for the canisters and then a complete bunch of other goodies which I will also be covering in today’s video.

 So for this item assessment we are going to be following along closely with a single of my develop series right here at GreenBox Grown, and that way you guys can get a weekly update on how the plants from the develop series are getting impacted by these CO2 canisters. So for the develop we will be following along with is in fact going to be a four plant OG Kush develop. And it will in fact be in my four by four tent which I have set up more than right here. And it is going to be a scrog develop, so it will have that screen of green going for maximum yields. 

 Now if you guys are interested in following the complete detailed develop series of these OG Kush plants exactly where you can get all of the step by step and how to details to develop them just like in this video series. All you have to do is pay a visit to the hyperlink ideal right here on the screen to sign up for our premium Develop video section. And that will come with the complete develop series of these OG Kush plants. Now it is constantly when you sign up for these videos and you get a two week totally free trial so you can test them out and see if you like them or not prior to getting to spend a single Cent. 

All ideal so now let’s go take a closer appear at these TNB Naturals supplies as nicely as the develop space setup we will be carrying out for this series. And then we will also take a closer appear at the OG Kush seedlings. 

And what else, we are going to have the scrog going which is not set up just but more than right here, but that was hooked up to me exactly where that was offered to me by Growers Labs, so significant shout out to them for hooking me up with that. It is in fact a double-layered scrog net. And it is adjustable, so it will function with most sized develop rooms. I have the 6in carbon filter setup ideal right here, and then I will be employing two of the 300 watt electric sky LED is by the green Sunshine Organization.

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back right here for the week to update on these TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. Now I just did that very first low-strain education pull down on the plants as you can see and they are searching seriously very good, got all of these reduce notes and now exposed to the light. So we are going to commence finding some exceptionally speedy vegetative development at this point mainly because it has currently been going fairly crazy as is. And now we have added some low strain education into the mix.

And hopefully you guys have discovered one thing from this video and will be in a position to use these CO2 canisters to strengthen your develop at household. Now as I pointed out earlier I will be back shortly with an additional video update displaying at the dried and cured version of these buds so you guys can see the finish outcomes from TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. So keep tuned for that and in the meantime…

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