The most effective Cannabis Packaging Styles to date (Amazing style)


13 Finest cannabis packaging styles to date

Making a excellent style for your cannabis item is not an effortless job. There are lots of various components that you require to take into consideration in order to catch the eyes of shoppers. Not only the clear style components such as colour combinations, logo style, and brand consistency but maybe far more importantly, you require to make certain that your packaging is compliant with state and neighborhood laws.

In 2018 we are seeing excellent trends exactly where cannabis brands are progressively becoming far more sophisticated and sophisticated although sustaining their branding and target market place honed into their respective locations (such as in medicinal brands, edible brands and so on).

From plain and basic to colorful and thrilling, this is our choose for the leading 13 cannabis packaging styles to date.

Concentrate Packaging


“Find your spirit animal”

At initial sight, Aya blew us away with their packaging. Their cosmic-themed style utilizes animals to represent the effects of their various solutions. For instance, they use a Bear to symbolize their “Slumber” cannabis nectar which assists you rest just like a bear hibernates. An Owl is utilized to symbolize their item “Inspire”, a Raven to illustrate “Awaken” and an Elk to represent “Relax”.

With this sensible and wonderful cannabis packaging style, AYA is assured to stand out subsequent to competing brands on dispensary shelves.


“Refinement and elegance”

IVXX portrays the far more refined and graceful elements of the cannabis planet. The name alone hints to a classical elegance exactly where every letter resembles a dabbing tool. IVXX have created excellent choices in their packaging style, producing it a cannabis brand that stands out from the crowd. Utilizing hints of gold on black backgrounds, or even plain colors with a golden logo, IVXX delivers a selection of solutions for your sophisticated dabbing demands.

IVXX cannabis packaging design

Edibles Packaging


Atlas Edibles

Dream material

Atlas Edibles does not only have eye-catching packaging styles for their solutions, but they’re also recognized as one particular of the “best edibles in the market.”  Their colorful and “doodly” packaging styles are not only aesthetically wonderful but also assistance shoppers know about the solutions even prior to reading the label. For instance, their item “Ember” consists of a factory-style background and states that it promotes positivity, functionality, and creativity. “Nimbus”, on the other hand, appears virtually dream-like, visually advertising the balance, mindfulness &amp playfulness that the snacks aim to generate.

Atlas edibles packaging
Skyline Boulevard

Liquid edibles to go

From Chai Latte to Caramel Macchiato, Skyline Boulevard delivers a wide selection of liquid edibles (drinkables?) to take with you wherever you go. Their item comes in aesthetically wonderful and properly-made tubes that make it effortless to have on-the-go. Fitting a lot of facts on a slim tube is not effortless to do but Skyline Boulevard as carried out a excellent job in displaying all the person item information whil not more than-crowding the packaging.

Cannabis tea packaging

Health-related Marijuana Packaging


Health-related vaping

When it comes to healthcare marijuana, Dosist (formerly recognized as hmbldt – See why they changed their name right here) is a renowned provider. HighTimes and Greenstate have praised the Dosist’s Dose Pen on various occations for their revolutionary style that guarantees controlled dosage on each and every hit.

The style of their packaging and Dose Pens requires medicinal marijuana packaging to new levels. The Dosist packaging could very easily be place in any typical pharmacy and no one particular would bat an eye. If you do not think us, attempt placing an empty box in your grandmother’s medicine cabinet and see if she notices…


Marley Organic

Marley Natural’s physique care line finds a way to combine minimalism and discretion although nonetheless blending in some entertaining branding style in a subtle way. The colour mixture permits shoppers to very easily fully grasp the cultural origin of the brand. Implementing their 3 distinctive colors (green, yellow and red) and a characteristic lion inside a white background creates a feeling of seriousness and pride.

Marley naturals design

Flower Packaging

Leafs by Snoop


At initial sight, Leafs by Snoop’s buds packaging appears basic and inconspicuous, making use of a golden leaf adorning the white box. But as soon as opened, the packaging presents to you a totally different style exactly where colorful patterns and a entertaining message inside the box prepares you for a excellent time. Each the inside and the outdoors of the packaging is, as the name suggests, represented by leafy styles which assistance keep their branding intact via the sturdy contrasts of the inside and outdoors. 

Leafs by Snoop packaging
Humboldt County Indoor

Humboldt County Indoor initial came to CannaVerse Options to have excellent seeking California compliant packaging for the new . HCI wanted a thing that showed their class and unparalleled cannabis high quality although complying with all the new state laws and regulations that came into play in California 2018.

Note the wonderful glossy gold and the seamlessly fitted strain sticker that shows THC and CBD levels.

Humboldt county indoor packaging design

Pre-Rolled Packaging

Bloom Farms

The luxurious style of Bloom Farms’ person cannabis hand-rolls stands out from the crowd. The various boxes for their solutions share a leaf that covers 3 faces of the box, boxes which come in black, silver and golden colors, assisting depict the sort of strain they’re holding inside. We are not the initial branding agency to praise Bloom Farms on their packaging style. They have been maybe the initial cannabis brand to show that the marijuana market has a classy side to it.

Single joint cannabis packaging design

Fantastic Fortune

Fantastic Fortune’s pre-rolls utilizes visual style as properly as language selections to skillfully obtain a completely mystical brand. All 3 forms of pre-rolls have a colour assigned to them along with an illustrated fortune reader in the center who reveals what sort of strain is in the box. All the things from the colors to the illustrations brings our thoughts to Harry Houdini and how we all often require a small assistance to escape each day life.


Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms pre-roll packaging connotes an artisanal, organic background. Each and every of their packages consists of 10 pre-rolled cannabis joints (a total of six grams of weight) with a slot for matches and a strike strip on the side. It was this style that awarded Lowell Farms with the “Best item design” award at the Greenstate Cannabis Awards 2018. This is a excellent instance of beauty meeting functionality.

Lowell smokes joint box

Honorable mention

Sophisticated Nutrients

Containing such beautifully bizarre illustrations on their solutions, it was not possible to leave Sophisticated Nutrients out of this list. All of their solutions are labeled with amusing cartoon-like graphic styles that make this brand an immediate eye-catcher. With the selection of their styles, it is effortless to be tempted to begin a collection of their bottles as soon as they’ve been utilized.

advanced nutrients bottle design


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