Study Shows Cannabis Improves Women’s Sex Life


Have you ever been intrigued by the quite a few reports on the online claiming that cannabis is valuable to the sex lives of ladies? Researchers at Stanford University decided to place that anecdotal proof to the test. The final results declared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, confirmed that ladies had improved sexual experiences if they consumed cannabis just before indulging in sex.

Do not consider that bespectacled old authorities stood by with their microscopes and other instruments to measure what was taking place as the study’s subjects had sex. No, nothing at all of the sort occurred.

Rather, a Obstetrics/Gynecology (ObGyn) clinical study was utilised to recruit almost 200 adult ladies who had been sexually active. The participants had been offered questionnaires eliciting their evaluation of how cannabis impacted their sex lives.

Of these who mentioned that they consumed cannabis just before obtaining sex, 68% admitted that sex was far more enjoyable for them. 72% of these who mentioned cannabis tends to make sex far more pleasurable added that these advantageous effects occurred every single time they had sex following consuming cannabis.

Interestingly, 62% of the respondents who absorbed cannabis just before obtaining sex revealed that cannabis produced their orgasms far more intense and pleasurable. None reported that her sex drive decreased as a outcome of consuming cannabis just before obtaining sex.

27% of the respondents also admitted that marijuana helped to raise vaginal lubrication for the duration of sex. Nevertheless, 37% mentioned they didn’t observe any alter in the level of lubrication no matter whether they consumed cannabis just before sex or not.

Whilst 16% of the ladies in the study admitted that they took cannabis just before obtaining sex to cut down the discomfort they typically felt for the duration of intercourse. 83% in this category of ladies mentioned discomfort for the duration of intercourse was decreased every single time they consumed marijuana just before obtaining sex.

Whilst releasing their findings, the researchers mentioned that the final results above had been their preliminary findings considering that they intended to continue the study more than a longer time and include things like far more respondents.

Nevertheless, the researchers had been convinced that it was certainly accurate that the consumption of cannabis resulted in an all round enhanced sex life for ladies. Only 10% of the respondents claimed that their sex lives weren’t enhanced by cannabis consumption just before sex. The degree of that improvement (or lack thereof) appears to be impacted by other variables which are but to be identified. Cannabis firms could not have been shocked by the findings of this investigation considering that they are conscious of the enormous positive aspects of cannabis in the various elements of life.


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