I cannot even count how a lot of Cannabis events I’ve been to. These days there are merely just sooooooo a lot of taking place all the time. So how did the Cannabis and Hemp Job Fair, a new occasion, handle to reduce by means of all the static and what produced it so effective? Most events usually have the identical set up with some much less than significant variations in format. You have the organizers, the exhibitors, meals, libations and of course VR( had to throw it in there). But what genuinely set this occasion apart was its narrow concentrate, sort of a niche inside a niche. Most events use a broad stroke method. They attempt to cover each and every topic but in a lot of circumstances, never ever genuinely appear to get to the nitty-gritty. I’ve been to the job section at a handful of significant-scale national events and from what I’ve noticed, if you program to go to a single of these you must have an open thoughts about relocating. Corporations come from all more than the globe to attend these. But for these that want to remain in our stunning state and want to get a job in the Cannabis Sector, events like this may perhaps bring some a great deal-required worth.

The San Diego Cannabis and Hemp Job Fair was held at the Hilton in Mission Valley. The occasion took up the key banquet rooms, the hallway, and the outside parking lot. The 1st area was a fantastic size 80 % complete with exhibitor space and the other 20 for a little seating region and a platform for the speakers. Adjacent to the bar the second area was a bit smaller sized and housed the rest of the exhibitors who could not match into the hallways or outdoors exactly where the meals and a handful of vendor tents have been. The layout worked nicely and designed an simple rotating circular flow.

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There have been a handful of names I recognized like Green Flower Media, Sensi Magazine and Rove but most of the exhibitors were providers I personally had never ever heard of. I assume this was really fantastic for absolutely everyone. There have been young and hungry providers seeking to employ and they have been met with not often young but undoubtedly hungry applicants. The occasion was quite packed and for the duration, no exhibitor seemed to be capable to get to the finish of their applicant line. We didn’t genuinely come with the intention to genuinely push for applications…. but we left with more than 150 resumes at the finish of the occasion. Wow. And this wasn’t just us. The complete occasion was bustling and actually, absolutely everyone was engaged in some variety of conversation. Speaking with some of the vendors afterward they have been shocked at the response they received and the quantity of interest they’ve gained. I think about all the exhibitors have been extremely pleased with the complete practical experience. I know we have been.

Attendees filling out applications

From the never ever-ending line to the entrance to the parking lot, there have been eager attendees everywhere. So a lot of faces of all ages, sexes, and colors all excited about the Cannabis Sector and to commence the path of operating a job you adore. 1 issue I genuinely liked about this occasion is absolutely everyone seemed to be on a mission. They came nicely ready with stacks of resumes, small business cards, and the appropriate attire to apply for a job. There have been graphic designers, Search engine marketing specialists, AI programmers, writers, occasion planners, photographers and actually every thing else in involving. It was the fantastic atmosphere for a startup. Each talent set seemed to be at the fingertips and If there was a mecca for young ambitious cannabis customers this was the spot. Every person was so so good and it genuinely seemed as although they believed that this could be how they discover their dream job. The power in the area was electrifying. 

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General I believed the San Diego Cannabis and Hemp Job Fair was nicely organized, had a fantastic venue and did a amazing job of connecting two groups of persons who appear to never ever genuinely discover each and every other. We stayed for five hours and all through that complete time I kept pondering to myself, these guys are on to anything right here. There was so a great deal worth. They’ve seemed to reduce each and every bit of fat out of the formula to make an all round focused and lean practical experience which I assume each the attendees and Exhibitors could agree with.