New Dank Vapes Overview – Updated Packaging But What is The Distinction?


Design and style and Make High-quality


With Dank Vapes officially claiming their new packaging, they have turn into a common phenomenon and contradiction. Simply because of how a lot we enjoyed them, we picked up Sunset Sherbet, a hybrid that is wealthy in taste. We have previously reviewed Dank Vapes and normally enjoy the taste in terpenes in them, having said that we are not confident how secure or legit the oil is.


  • Brand new packaging
  • Wonderful taste
  • Pleasurable and lasting higher
  • Higher high-quality hardware


  • Their last lab tests show pesticides (prior to new packaging)
  • Fakes have currently been replicated

Suggestions: Make cartridges that pass lab tests.

See our video evaluation under and hold reading on for the far more in depth evaluation on the new Dank Vapes cartridges.

With the new Dank Vape cartridges, they come with a holographic design and style in all flavors.

Simply because of how common Dank Vapes are becoming, lots of vendors are promoting fake Dank Vapes, containing damaging pesticides and artificial flavors. Simply because of this, they came out with a newer and fresher appear to their packaging. These new packaging include a tiny additional distillate, boosting it up from a gram to 1.1 grams.

Anything about these cartridges is every single flavor has a exceptional colour to its name. Most packages say they’re above 90% THC, have a short description on the strain and claim to include no propylene glycol. Higher THC claims really should be taken with a grain of salt with out a lab report to back it up. Dank Vapes has tested reduce than they claim prior to.

dank vapes package
Every single flavor displays a various, holographic colour.

As shown under, these are their most current lab final results that they have out. Simply because these tests are from December of 2018, test final results may well be different with their updated packaging. Regrettably Dank’s have come out with damaging test final results in the previous several occasions, producing it a bit suspicious to consume. Aside of that, hopefully they come out stronger and cleaner than ever with these updated packages.

dank vapes thc
Test final results came in at 65% total THC, displaying no foreign supplies, pests, mold or fungus for Dank Vapes.
dank vape lab test results
Dank tested constructive in at least five forms of pesticides on this test.
dank vapes sunset sherbert
This hybrid strain provides an awesome higher, with a dominant strain of GSC.

From the taste to the higher, this strain settles in pretty smoothly however effective. Dank Vapes Sunset Sherbet is a wealthy hybrid that genuinely does give a carefree higher and a mellow mindset. Furthermore, this strain gives a terrific mixture of relaxation, however a slight increase of power. The hits as normally are smooth and tasteful, providing sweet, fruity and light hits. I personally liked the light taste a lot, in contrast to when cartridges taste sturdy and a lot like artificial flavors and chemical compounds.

With the older Dank Vapes evaluation, 1 of the flavored strains that we attempted was Fruity Pebbles. Though this strain tasted identical to the cereal itself, I believed it tasted as well comparable and felt suspicious smoking it. This sadly has turn into a trouble for this brand and I’m not the 1st to expertise this dilemma. I haven’t encountered any skeptical tasting Dank’s with this new packaging however and hope not as well anytime in the future.

Hopefully the oil in the distillate has been updated as properly as their packaging. As shown in their lab test final results, their final tests do sadly show a low of 65% THC. With that becoming mentioned, the oil is relatively thin and does have a sturdy gold colour to it.

dank vapes oil
The oil may well be thin, but the air bubble does move somewhat slow.

Even although the oil may well not look as thick as I’d like it to be, do not let that fool you. You may well not really feel it suitable away or at the moment, but the higher settles in good and gentle. Simply because of this, it is uncomplicated to get baked with out even realizing in just a handful of hits (which could be a terrific point for you). In basic, it did take me about five hits to even really feel something at all. But after I did, it was all I necessary to keep productive and take pleasure in my higher.

Anything that Dank Vape’s have normally been identified for is their flavor. Regardless of what strain you get, I assure that you will not be disappointed with the taste of it. Commonly, most flavors give a sturdy taste but with this strain, it was sort of light and satisfying when hitting it. In addition, this brand genuinely is terrific when it comes to mixing their terpenes in every single flavored distillate.

The CCELL cartridge hardware remained the exact same

With the cartridge itself, there has been no alter to it. The only point is that they talked about in their packaging the cartridges they use are official CCELL carts. As usual, these carts hit smoothly, uncomplicated and gave thick smoke.

Personally went by way of it sooner than expected 

Simply because of how smooth and savory Dank Vapes are, I have a tendency to go by way of these cartridge inside a handful of days. This predicament may well not apply to you, for the distillate may well final a when based on how frequently you smoke. But for all you dab fanatics, this cartridge does smoke by way of significantly quick.

dank vapes packaging
Individuals are getting packages in bulk and promoting them with what ever oil they’d like.

Not even inside a month and they have currently identified a way to replicate these new packages. Simply because of how rapid this occurred, there is no telling how to determine fakes however. Dank Vapes had been quick to react when this 1st occurred to them with their old packaging. I hope they are rapid to resolve this trouble.

dank vapes review
Dank Vapes will normally give awesome taste and higher, apart from their lab final results.

Regardless of of all the damaging traits, these cartridges will normally surprise me with its higher, in particular its taste. Only point is, if they come out with new constructive lab tests to back them up, they’ll turn into far more trustworthy. When they resolve these difficulties that are hurting their brand, they will boost so a lot of their reputation. I can inform you that I will certainly be buying their new flavors far more frequently when they do.

I really should also mention that on their official Instagram account, they do contact out accounts promoting fake cartridges! Seeing them placing efforts to turn into far more trustworthy is terrific and assists re-make their credibility.

I personally think to see all of these complications and dilemmas to go away inside the subsequent couple years, hopefully. Till then, we can not place a complete lot of worth just since we are not as well confident what precisely we’re consuming. When buying Dank Vapes, we normally advise to acquire your cartridges by way of licensed dispensaries or a reputable supply.


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