Minnesota Legislature to Look at Legalizing Marijuana


Legislation will be introduced nowadays in the Minnesota Property and Senate that would legalize and regulate marijuana for these 21 and older.

State lawmakers will introduce legislation nowadays that would totally finish marijuana prohibition in Minnesota when establishing a licensed, regulated and taxes program of marijuana organizations.

The legislation, sponsored by Senators Melisa Franzen (DFL) and Scott Jensen (R) in the Senate and Representatives Mike Freiberg (DFL) in the Property, would make it legal for adults 21 and older to possess, develop, and acquire restricted amounts of marijuana. The state would license and regulate organizations to cultivate, approach, test, and sell marijuana to adults, and it would build and enforce strict well being and security regulations, such as testing and labeling needs and restrictions on advertising to teens.

“Minnesota’s outdated prohibition policy has turn into additional of a dilemma than a option,” Freiberg stated. “It is forcing marijuana into a shady underground marketplace, which creates additional possible harm for buyers and communities than marijuana itself. Regulating marijuana would make our state safer by removing the criminal element and empowering our state and neighborhood governments to start off controlling production and sales.”

Amongst other issues, the proposed legislation would:

  • Empower the Minnesota Division of Well being to regulate marijuana dispensaries and direct regulators to create a “seed-to-sale” program that tracks marijuana from cultivation to sale.
  • Enable neighborhood governments to regulate the production and sale of marijuana in their communities.
  • Prohibit retailers from advertising in a manner that targets teens.
  • Enable for the expungement of particular marijuana-connected crimes from the records of previously convicted persons.
  • Dedicate $10 million annually to impoverished communities, a lot of of which have been disproportionately impacted by marijuana prohibition moreover, millions of dollars will be directed each and every year to mental well being solutions, efforts to combat impaired driving, and teen drug education.

Primarily based on existing usage prices and the marketplace price tag of marijuana becoming sold for adult use in Colorado, the Marijuana Policy Project estimates regulated marijuana sales could create involving $200 million and $300 million per year in new tax income for Minnesota.

“Our focus in drafting legislation to finish the prohibition of cannabis in Minnesota is to make sure we have a responsible regulatory model for customer access that nevertheless delivers for public well being, security and welfare,” Franzen stated. “The time has come for us to have this debate.”

A September 2018 KSTP/SurveyUSA poll found 56 % of Minnesota voters — including 67 % of voters below age 50 — feel the state really should legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older.

“It is time for Minnesota to recognize that, like alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, its prohibition of marijuana does not function,” stated Jason Tarasek, Minnesota political director for the Marijuana Policy Project and co-founder of Minnesotans for Accountable Marijuana Regulation. “By legalizing marijuana and very carefully regulating its sale, we can preserve it out of the hands of teens without the need of needlessly arresting accountable adult buyers. This would permit law enforcement to commit additional time addressing critical crimes, when also building a substantial new income stream for our state.”


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