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“My physique is attacking itself. 

Bouts of hives, swollen lymph nodes, a puffy and swollen physique, intense exhaustion and a lost sense of empowerment more than myself. 

Seven medical doctors, thousands of dollars and small relief. 

I felt like I had hit a dead finish. Started to accept what my overall health specialists have been telling me and wondered if I must just begin taking the drugs they have been nudging me to take. 

Fortunate (and unlucky) for me, my thoughts is a lot stronger than my physique. I took my overall health back into my owns hands. I began with meditating, then consuming clean and ultimately immediately after in depth and incessant investigation, started to make my personal tonics, teas and elixirs. The outcome? 

90% improvement (100% if i’m pretty diligent, but i’m human). Taking my overall health into my personal hands and seeing outcomes impacted my complete life. I really feel far better, I really feel empowered, I really feel hopeful (and a bit prideful for my speedy recovery). Utilizing CBD oils for inflammation and meals for nourishment was my winning mixture. 

Utilizing plants as medicine has been carrying out for all of human existence. When did we cease and why? Have we really permitted Massive Pharma to bulldoze by means of our delicate overall health matters? Have we turn out to be so inpatient and accustomed to immediate outcomes that synthesized chemical compounds appear far more attractive than potions from the earth? 

That a minute to contemplate these inquiries. I did, and it changed my life. Redefine your definition of wellness, reclaim resourcefulness inside the earth and regain your voice when it comes to your overall health.”

#cannabiscomingout by #cannabisfeminist Michelle Zauzig


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