How California Police Test for Marijuana Impairment


DUI checkpoints, breathalyzers, roadside sobriety tests… the list goes on and on — when it comes to testing for drunk driving. But what about cannabis? As it stands, beneath California law, it is illegal to drive beneath the influence of marijuana. So how are California police checking for indicators of higher driving?  

With the legalization of recreational marijuana, several national, state, and nearby lawmakers are scratching their collective heads when it comes to regulating cannabis. Problems like how to monitor production, sale, consumption, and a lot more all will need to be decided on.

Marijuana, in contrast to alcohol, is not as straightforward to verify for when driving. Even though it is not as straightforward, it is not not possible. As time passes, new technologies and new laws will come to play in order to detect marijuana-impaired driving. It is in all of our ideal interests to:

  1. A) NOT drive stoned
  2. B) Be educated and ready

Verify out the existing strategies as properly as future plans that police are/will be enacting in order to spot weed-impaired drivers.

The 1st Indicators

If you are driving erratically, you are probably to be pulled more than. On these occasions, deputies will take stock of the scenario to access any prospective driving impairment. They may possibly appear by means of your windows with a flashlight for any marijuana paraphernalia. They will also take notice of any odors emitting from inside the auto.

The Eyes Inform a Tale

When police pull folks more than and they suspect marijuana-impaired driving, they’ll take a appear at their eyes. If there are indicators of dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, and eyelid tremors (when eyes are closed) then the police are most probably going to contemplate this a marijuana-impaired scenario. And of course, let’s not neglect the clear indicators of red or watery eyes that infamously accompany weed use.

The Physique Talks  

In addition to clues from the eyes, the rest of the physique can also spill secrets of higher driving. Deputies are also educated to appear for bumps on the tongue triggered by smoking, an elevated pulse, and physique tremors in circumstances of suspected marijuana use.

The Roadside Final results

Field sobriety tests are not only utilised to test drunk driving. In incidences of suspected higher driving, field sobriety tests are also provided — but they do differ slightly. For instance, a stoned individual may perhaps be capable to stroll a straight line just fine, but they’ll probably show difficulty crossing their eyes. And simply because of an elevated heart price and blood stress, they may perhaps demonstrate an inability to stick to complicated guidelines.

The Tools for Testing

With the steady legalization of marijuana, there’s a demand to create a breathalyzer-form tool to test for THC. The purpose is for police to be capable to test for THC promptly and on the spot if drivers are stopped — equivalent to how existing breathalyzers perform for testing alcohol.  

LAPD has been experimenting with a saliva-swabbing device to detect THC but there are only 4 in circulation so far. There are plans in location for a lot more devices.


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