Had way as well a lot marijuana honey. Everyone have any poor edible experiences?


I created some cannabis infused honey a couple months ago. I likely utilized like a half or some thing but i cooking the flower in the oven at 240 for about an hour to decarb it. Then place some coconut oil in a jar with the herb and simmered it in a sauce pan of water for a couple of hours. I then blended it with honey in jars immediately after straining it. I didn&#039t believe a lot about it but i licked my fingers liberally and i need to of got a lot of the oil or some thing. I was so fucked up for like 24 hours. I was pretty nauseas like i had by no means knowledgeable prior to. I couldn&#039t go to function the subsequent day. Im no stranger to marijuana and all issues marijuana either. Its difficult to guess what dosage It was but i would say more than 100 at least prior to this 50mg was the most i had at after. Everyone have any equivalent stories?

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