Government Suspends Bonify’s License Following Investigation


Embattled licensed producer, Bonify, ultimately lost its license just after a scandalous incident that resulted in the termination of 3 executives (for a lot more specifics, see our December post).

The investigation was triggered following a number of recalls of strains that did not pass regulatory requirements for microbes, mould and other contaminants. Overall health Canada also found troubles with mislabeling goods and error in record-maintaining. 

But what appeared to be a failure in good quality handle is now a thing a great deal a lot more sinister, according to CBC News.

Illegal Cannabis Distribution

Immediately after the huge cannabis recall triggered an investigation into Bonify’s activities, Overall health Canada found the worst conceivable offence a licensed producer could commit.

Spokesperson Eric Morrissette of Overall health Canada mentioned in a statement:

“The division identified that Bonify Health-related Cannabis was possessing, distributing and promoting item that was bought from an illegal supply, and promoting item that did not comply with the very good production practices as essential below the Cannabis Act and cannabis regulations”.

The thought that a licensed producer would show such disregard for its buyers is appalling adequate. But it is clear that they had no scruples about it. According to CBC News, Bonify made use of threats to make employees members ignore what was going on. Consequently, the firm was capable to push 200 kilograms of illegal item into the market place.

Sadly (but understandably), not 1 whistleblower stepped forward. Had it not have been for Canada’s regulatory framework in this case, the item may have slipped by way of devoid of any troubles.

A Cautionary Tale

This incident must serve as a reminder that cheating the method is not as effortless as it appears. As Overall health Canada warns:

“Health Canada will continue to undertake unannounced inspections of cannabis licence holders to aid make sure that they are in compliance with the law and regulations”.

A single point we have to think about right here, nevertheless, is why? Why would Bonify do such a point and place so a great deal at threat? Our only guess right here is stress. The cannabis shortage drew a lot of pushback from frustrated retailers. It is doable that Bonify, in an try to meet demand, resorted to illegal suggests. Immediately after all, the black market place has a lot of provide.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Canada’s strict regulations, we will not deny that we have been immensely vital. These safeguards are partially accountable for each the cost of marijuana and the bottleneck slowing down production and distribution.

That getting mentioned, we admit that it is not all negative. In this case, these regulations had been what caught Bonify red-handed. Hopefully, this will only be an isolated incident.

Author Alex S. 

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