Exactly where to acquire Pax Era Pods in California


The Pax Era measures 4″ by .7″ by .4″. It is shell is sturdy aluminum.

I get so quite a few emails about Pax Era pods right here in California, I figured I’d place with each other my answers in a weblog post to reference.

I do not know which Pax Era pods are the very best in Colorado or Washington or Nevada. I assume in basic they’re all going to be decent for the most portion. There will be some seriously very good and dependable brands of Pax Era pods, but most will generally have some inconsistencies.

EVEN MY Preferred brands of Pax Era pods right here in California have let me down at least after. Errors come about and I’m a vape snob &#x1f642

In California I’ve had very good luck with Bloom Farm, Kurvana, Herbology, and Pick filled Pax Pods.
I commonly get delivery from Eaze. They’re dependable and they have consumer service. If I get a negative solution, Eaze will take care of me.
Terrible pod? They’ll replace it. Plus you can get $20 off your initial delivery with this hyperlink.

Eaze delivers Pax Era pods in San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacremento and San Francisco regions. Sorry Orange County, you are SOL for now.

You can also use the Pax Era locator to find dispensaries and recreational marijuana shops that sell Pax Era and pods.

On the fence about the Pax Era? Verify out my updated Pax Era Critique!


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