DNA Genetics Chocolate Fondue


We. Really like. DNA Genetics. Ok, so this won&#8217t be biased then.

Seriously even though, DNA often appears to come out with extremely superior flowers. You can study about some other DNA strains right here and right here.

The most recent is DNA&#8217s take on a classic strain, Chocolate Fondue. It gets its name from a cross in between UK Cheese and Chocolope. The finish final results blend the relaxing effects of the Chocolate strains and the uplifting effects of the UK Cheese strains.

The terpenes are heavy on heady chemical substances like caryophyllene (35%), limonene (20%), and pinene (15%). The greatest indicator of the effects of Chocolate Fondue is the lack of appreciable amounts of myrcene, so you can count on this strain to preserve you up.

The flavour gets the hints of cheese from the UK Cheese side, but also berries and sweetness from pinene and limonene. Some give it a chocolatey scent, but we can&#8217t inform.

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