Cannabis and Barcodes, a Match Produced In Heaven?


This age of technologies can be simultaneously inspiring and overwhelming. Now we consume information from a wide assortment of digital channels and devices — normally all at the extremely exact same time. The quick-developing quantity of interconnecting “intelligent” devices may well give you the impression that barcode scanners are plug-and-play. Whilst this for retail UPC barcode scanners, but it is not the case for the majority of workflow scenarios.

In market, barcode scanners have to have to handle far much more information much more than just cost and inventory levels. To additional complicate matters, they also have to have to deal with a assortment of distinct sorts of barcodes and barcode-like technologies and symbologies such as QR codes and RFID tags. These challenges have a way of weeding out much less capable barcode scanners. If you are performing your homework you will swiftly see the worth in obtaining a much more capable scanning program.

Does this take place to you? You have got a handful of distinct codes that have to have to be scanned. In order to get a very good scan, you have to cover all but 1 code at a time though you attempt to get the proper study — more than and more than once again. What if you could scan them all at the exact same time and capture all the information at after? That may well save you some time — and cash.

Time and cash are not the only variables that matter when it comes to creating certain you have the ideal barcode scanning program — especially in the cannabis sector. Possessing very good computer software hardware and computer software aids assure customer are having the proper items. And then there’s traceability. Most state regulatory agencies need the potential to track each seed, each plant, each harvest, certainly each single solution on shop shelves by means of from see to sale. Each and every of these levels of tracking has its personal certain specifications.

An international non-profit organization recognized as GS1 is accountable for setting barcode requirements and administering a central database of barcodes.

Barcodes deliver a graphic representation of an identifying quantity. Each and every person code is tied to a distinct record and field in a database. The UPC-A code that we are all familiar with is the typical utilised in the United States to determine person retail items.

The quantity of types of information and facts that can be stored in a barcode or QR symbol is actually infinite. Graphic codes can determine person items, a batch of items, a provide chain supply, or even 1 certain net web page out of the billions of pages accessible on the Worldwide Internet.

Understandably, the most typical use of barcodes is inventory handle. Even this, which on the surface appears rather uncomplicated, can deliver a treasure trove of information. A solution identifier — typically an SKU code — can bring up connected information such as the batch the solution was made in, how several of the item are in inventory and specifically exactly where they can be identified. it can reveal inventory irregularities and determine prospective theft. It can bring up the item’s cost and any discounts or coupons linked with it.

The Cannabis market is in a state of speedy alter and States are swiftly shifting regulations and specifications. Industrial cannabis growers, processors, labs, distributors, and retailers are expected to preserve track of actually all the things. An typical industrial grower keeps about 600 plants at any offered time, every 1 of which should be accounted for. This involves tracking each detail from sewing of seeds to promoting of the final items. Growers are typically expected to preserve tabs on every plant, such as its origins, strain, use (health-related/recreational), placement inside the developing facility, and even the names of workers that have handled the solution at all stages.

In this evolving atmosphere, using a barcode-primarily based seed-to-sale traceability program is paramount. A robust tracking program will not only aid to track items and pricing, it will also preserve growers, processors, labs, and retailers up-to-date with regulations and specifications for solution handling and tax reporting for every state, nation, and city.

“The cannabis market is normally referred to as the most very regulated market in the planet,” says Justin Dufour, an professional in seed-to-sale systems at Viridian Sciences, a major cannabis market seed-to-sale ERP options provider. “Its regulations are much more strict than the these of alcohol and cigarette industries, and even the pharmaceutical market in several instances,” adds Dufour.

In a report titled, “The Major Business enterprise of Generating a Cannabis Surveillance State,” the author points out, “There are a quantity of benefits of obtaining a barcode for cannabis growers, producers and retailers. The most essential is appropriate inventory handle – which is mandated, in Washington, by the Washington State Liquor Handle Board… The reasoning behind implementing these cannabis surveillance systems is quite simple. Considering the fact that cannabis is nevertheless illegal on a federal level, the burden is on the states that have legalized weed to prove that legalization has not aided black industry activity.”

“This harnessing of an information and facts technologies to track the cannabis industry is essential to Colorado’s forceful march towards producing a thriving legal marijuana market,” reads a report by Forbes magazine titled, Tracking America’s Cannabis Business By way of Major Information. “Crucially, the state’s potential to use tracking and Major Information could deliver a reference point for other jurisdictions interested in the regulatory prospective presented by tracking. This ‘closed loop’ ‘seed to sale’ inventory tracking program embodies a ‘full traceability’ mode… What ever the context, irrespective of whether it is a regulator or us performing the tracking or irrespective of whether it is marijuana or us becoming tracked, the technologies is an important element of modern industrial and regulatory life.”

Viridian’s Justin Dufour knows properly how the hardware and the computer software operate with each other to assure compliance. He points out that a barcode-primarily based seed-to-sale tracking program, when utilised appropriately, can aid cannabis-touching corporations prevent regulatory violations in two approaches. “First, all regulatory specifications are constructed proper into the program as are auditing and reporting tools. This tends to make compliance, audits, and reporting a breeze,” he says. “Second, it also aids with precise reporting of taxes.”

“Walk into any licensed cannabis develop op in Colorado and 1 of the very first items you will notice are the barcodes,” says Motherboard contributor, Daniel Oberhaus. “Every plant has a brightly colored tag… zip-tied to its stalk or planted in its soil, and every tag bears a barcode and a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chip… Staff will probably be wearing badges that enable a personal computer system to track their movement from space to space. Probably you will run into an inspector from the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, who showed up unannounced to confirm the quantity of flower made by the develop op matches with what the state has recorded in their genuine-time inventory systems.”

According to Randy Ferguson, Item Marketing and advertising Manager at a firm referred to as Code, makers of higher tech barcode scanners, “Barcodes are much more than maintaining track of inventory, or appeasing the man, they eradicate the innate human error with manual information entry.” And they’re not just for use in the warehouse says Ferguson. “Instead of laboriously typing in a patient’s information and facts from their ID, basically scan the barcode on the back, the scanner will parse and format the information into your computer software without the need of a single keystroke.” He points out that information integrity begins with input, and the old adage of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ has under no circumstances been much more accurate. “Cannabis compliance computer software is only as very good as the information that is input, never let input errors jeopardize business enterprise,” he warns.

Without the need of the lowly barcode, all of this would be not possible. But a barcode alone will not do the job. It is the marriage of sophisticated barcode reading hardware and effective seed-to-sale tracking computer software which elevate the barcode to it is venerated location at the heart of the cannabis market.


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