Bonify Hired Broker to Acquire Illegal Cannabis, Says Overall health Canada


Winnipeg licensed producer Bonify – whose license was suspended following their distribution of 200 kilograms of unlicensed item to 3 Winnipeg areas – not too long ago responded to allegations of management misconduct.

To their credit, Bonify is getting co-operative, as they proactively permitted independent investigators to assessment the predicament. But the most current revelations published on February sixth by CBC News surely prove undesirable faith from some components of management.

Illegal Cannabis Distribution Had Executive Approval

George Robinson of RavenQuest – the organization hired to conduct the investigation – was in a position to identify the mechanism of the proverbial conspiracy.

CBC News explains:

“George Robinson, who was hired to investigate Bonify Healthcare Cannabis immediately after two Overall health Canada item recalls, stated 3 executives, dismissed late final year, employed an outdoors agent to procure illegal cannabis”.

According to CBC News, the supply in query is an unnamed “broker,” but neither Robinson nor CBC News elaborates on who this alleged broker is.

Regardless, a licensed producer was in a position to acquire 200 kilograms of illegal item. You do not have to be a drug dealer to fully grasp that a deal of that magnitude would need deep connections to the black industry.

Marijuana Supply Unknown

Though it is outstanding news that these accountable for Bonify’s unethical behaviour have been exposed and (hopefully) dealt with, this does not bring us any closer to solving the mystery of the supply.

As CBC News reveals, the supply of this illegal item is unknown. Had it been grown legally, established systems would let Bonify and other interested parties to trace the strain’s origin from planting to shipping. Naturally, their attempts at applying this strategy to validate the questionable item led investigators to a dead finish.

Bonify Committed to Improvement

In spite of the atrocious and “unprecedented” nature of their offence, Bonify is genuinely committed to enhancing its enterprise.

Bonify Chair, Jeffrey Dyck, stated in a statement:

“We’re exceptionally impressed with the professionalism and experience with which the RavenQuest group has methodically handled our compliance challenges, and totally anticipate to resume complete cannabis sales activities in the close to term with RavenQuest steering our production and good quality assurance”.

Bonify also expressed that they have currently produced efforts to increase. Dyck explains:

“Health Canada has acknowledged the substantial progress produced inside our facility with respect to good quality management systems. Our current suspension was connected to previous issues”.

George Robinson of RavenQuest also was rather lenient in his judgment of Bonify:

“What fundamentally changed is a senior management group came in and produced some undesirable possibilities and forced upon the organization a culture transform that now led us up to this point”.

Robinson also advises that, so far, all senior members allegedly involved have been removed from their positions. No one else is presently suspected or below investigation.

In light of Bonify’s compliance and improvements, the organization intends to appeal Overall health Canada’s suspension, stating that they have currently produced a lot of progress in rectifying their compliance concerns.

Final Thoughts

Though it is wonderful news that these accountable for this disaster will be held accountable, this does no transform the reality that someplace, there is a supply of illegal cannabis with deep inventory. No matter if this supply has connections with other businesses is uncertain, but unless investigators come across exactly where these 200 kilograms of illegal cannabis came from, the people behind it will continue to operate in the black industry.

Hopefully, no other organization will be reckless sufficient to pull the exact same stunt as Bonify.

Author Alex S. 

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