Aurora Cannabis: A Gluttony That Will Finish In Dread – Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE:ACB)


Saint Thomas Aquinas, the good medieval philosopher, described gluttony not as any want for consuming and drinking, but an inordinate want. This want is stated to be inordinate by way of “leaving the order of reason”.

Acquisitions play a basic function inside the corporate ecosystem. They act as tools to expand income, profitability, competitive moats, or geographical attain. A shrewd acquisition will probably see the acquirer get marketplace share when lowering the expense base of the combined entity by way of synergies.

Aurora’s (ACB) acquisitions when looked by way of an objective lens are absolutely nothing quick of gluttonous, as in, they are beyond the order of cause. This vapid strategy of Aurora to expansion, a organization that to date displayed small strategic acumen, has rendered their balance sheet as a largely worthless amalgamation of intangible assets and goodwill. It would be prudent to…


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