Anything you will need to know about dabbing


Anything you will need to know about dabbing

Several folks are turning to a new type of smoking, referred to as dabbing. Dabbing refers to the method of inhaling vapour created by way of heating up the concentrates, viewed as an option way to take pleasure in smoking.

If you have attempted and enjoyed dabbing, you are probably considering about owning your personal dab rig now. If this will be your initially time to get dab rigs, possibilities are you may well be a small intimidated by the numerous solutions readily available. Try to remember that the dab rigs you opt for can make a substantial distinction in your dabbing encounter. You consequently will need to opt for which one particular will operate greatest for you and will suit your preferences and requirements, but how will you know what is greatest?

To be capable to discover which dab rigs to obtain, you will need to discover the dab rigs and its nature initially. Educating oneself prior to plunging in the globe of dab rigs is crucial. Ordinarily, when purchasing for a dab rig, terms such as domes, nails, torches, and bangers are becoming thrown about. You really should know what these terms imply in order to discover no matter if a unique dab rig could meet your requirements and requirements. There are lot of other items a newbie really should know about dab rigs.

All the crucial items a newbie really should know about dab rigs are offered in this guide.


The term dabbing came from really getting to dab a little quantity of concentrated oil on to the rig as for the objective of creating vapour. In most circumstances, concentrates are certainly relatively thick and could possibly not run off the nail as nicely.

Dabbing is not a transportable activity. You either will need a torch or an E-nail to heat up to higher sufficient temperatures in order to vaporize the concentrates. This can be hard to bring with you, so if you are seeking for a transportable process of smoking you really should verify out vaporizers, bubblers or hand pipes.

How dabbing functions?

Dabs are most of the time smoked with the use of a water pipe also referred to as a dab rig. Setup your dab rig with a nail or E-nail. If you are making use of a nail take your blowtorch and heat the nail straight till it just about becomes red hot. As soon as it is up to temperature take a dabbing wand and a piece of your concentrate and location it on to the nail, inhaling by way of the mouthpiece as it vaporizes. Nails come in many distinct kinds of designs and components which we will speak extra in depth later in the report. If making use of an E-nail set the temperature to your preferred temperatures are among 610-700 Degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot sufficient to vaporize your concentrate but not as well hot that you can not taste its flavour. Verify out our guide on the greatest dabbing temperatures.

Dangers and Precautions

When dabbing you are handling a torch and a really hot nail. You have to be cautious when making use of the torch not to burn your self or accidently light something on fire. The nail is also really hot and touching it could outcome in significant burns. Applying an E-nail could protect against each of these dangers but are a bit extra high priced.



For newcomers who have small to no background about dabbing, understanding what a dab rig is can be a bit confusing. Some refer this as a device related to a bong.  However, there are lots of variations among dab rigs and bongs.  It can be viewed as as a unique type of water pipe but as an alternative of burning your solution with fire you are vaporizing it making use of specific tools.

The device has a nail, typically gets heated up making use of a torch. Afterwards, concentrated extracts from several distinct legal herbs are “dabbed” onto the nail. When the nail is heated, a vapour will be created then inhaled by way of the mouth piece on the dab rig.


Significant Components OF DAB RIGS

Dabbing has been increasingly becoming extra well-liked in the current years, in particular amongst the smoking aficionados. For newcomers, prior to realizing how dabbing functions, it is initially essential to be capable to know the distinct elements of the dab rigs. The capability to determine which is which and what its function is will help in the suitable use of the gear.

Nail – This is probably the most crucial element of the dab rig. This is what you will heat in order to vaporize the concentrate. Ordinarily, due to the fact dabbing is completed at incredibly higher temperature, customers heat this making use of a blowtorch. Nails are commonly manufactured making use of distinct components which includes quartz, glass, titanium and even ceramic. Every of which functions good but they also comes with disadvantages. We will talk about these later in the report.

Dabber – This is can be any extended utensil you use to touch your concentrates onto your heated nail.

Carb Cap – This clever tool is utilised to make an enclosed space on the nail so your concentrates vaporize and give airflow into your rig.

Torch – This tool is typically more than looked, for the reason that how can one particular torch be superior than yet another? You will need a torch that gets hot speedily and stays hot. A trustworthy torch is important to dabbing.

Silicone Case – This is not necessary but welcomed amongst frequent dabbers. Storing you concentrates can be difficult if you do not have one particular of these.


Pros AND Cons OF Various Kinds OF DAB NAILS

Every nail is distinct you can appear for the one particular that suite with your requirements and in your price range. Of course, all of them will operate good, but it all depends on your price range and preference.

Ceramic Nails

Ceramic like glass can not with stand the tension of heating and cooling, sooner or later causing it to fracture. Ceramic nails also take the longest to heat, for dabbing temperatures. Even so ceramic is good at holding the heat so no worrying about regularly making use of your torch. They are also medicali grade and meals protected material.

Quartz Nails

Quartz does not have good heat retention like ceramic but it heats up seriously rapid. It does not have to be concerned about continuous heating and cooling but overheating can bring about fractures as nicely as dropping it. Quartz is meals and healthcare grade as nicely.

Titanium or Ti Nails

For standard dabbers, probably titanium nails are the popular form utilised. They are indestructible it will crack or fracture even if you drop it. They can withstand higher quantity of heat and hold it for a whilst like ceramic. Titanium can also heat relatively speedily, just about as quick as quartz. Ti nails are not meals grade or healthcare grade so you have to season the nail prior to you use it. If you are seeking for flavour Ti nails are not what you are seeking for.


quartz nail vs ceramic nail vs titanium nail




What to appear for in a Dab Rig

If you are new to dabbing you can generally switch out your bowl for a nail and use your bong as a dab rig. Even so that is not going to be as enjoyable as making use of a water pipe developed for dabbing. Right here are a couple of items you really should appear for when you take the plunge into dabbing.


The smaller sized your dab rig the superior, you want as small distance from the nail to your mouthpiece. The extra percolators or the longer the vapor travels the extra of your dab you drop to condensing into resin on the inside of your rig. Apart from seeking for a little dab rig you want to appear for a little mouthpiece. Each of these attributes will help in tasting the concentrates you are vaporizing. The size of your glass joint dictates airflow, and smaller sized joint sizes are preferable. Male nails heat and retract which can harm your dab rig, but female nails have a tendency to drip reclaim developing a sticky mess.


The significantly less percolators the superior, when placing a hot vapour by way of as well several percolators will condense as well a lot and drop most of your dab. Appear for inline percolators or anything with only a couple of slits/holes. Make confident it does hold water, no one particular desires to take a super-hot dab with out any cooling.

The size of your glass joint dictates airflow, and smaller sized joint sizes are preferable. Male nails heat and retract which can harm your dab rig, but female nails have a tendency to drip reclaim developing a sticky mess.


A thick borosilicate glass dab rig is required to with stand the heating and cooling that dabbing demands. A dab rig with a wide base or heavy bottom is also really beneficial to protect against tipping.




dome vs domeless nails



The debate of dome vs domeless has been going on for years. We are massive fans of domeless and it appears like the market place is headed that way as nicely. It is up to you to choose what you choose. Right here are some pros and cons for every solution.

Domed nails are commonly the more affordable solution of the two. They’re good for solo sessions when you just want to unwind by youself. Even so domed nails are an further piece you have to be concerned about breaking, cleaning and taking care of. It also can be a discomfort heating the nail, placing the dome more than the hot nail then ultimately dabbing. It could possibly not look like a lot but compared to domeless its annoying.

Domeless nails are a bit extra high priced but with recognition the price tag is beginning to come down. They have a larger dish which suggests larger dabs. A single of the greatest components of domeless is some are univerisal and will match any joint size and male or female. You will having said that will need to obtain a carb cap if you go this route.



Cleaning your dab rig is really crucial for the reason that it will preserve the cleanliness of your tools and at the identical time give you good flavour from your concentrates every single time.

Regularly cleaning your glass dab rig will make it less complicated for you in the future, as it aids protect against the construct-up of the resin.

The easiest way to clean glass is with Epsom salts and rubbing alcohol. In cleaning your dab rig right here are a list of items you will will need:

  • Salt
  • Water
  • Big Ziploc Bag
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Your glass pipes
  • Q-suggestions

Right here are the ideal measures on how to clean your pipes successfully:

Step 1: Take the Ziploc and fill it up with rubbing alcohol with some of the salt then shake the bag.

Step two: Now, place the stem and the bowl in the bag.

Step three: Close the bag and meticulously shake it for 30 seconds. Verify if it is clean then shake once again for yet another 30 seconds. Repeat till absolutely clean.

Step four: scrub your dab rig with the use of the Q-Suggestions and Pipe cleaners if you nonetheless see some residue that is left behind. Wash it with clean water then enable it to dry.


Hopefully this guide has answered every single query you had about dabbing. If it did not let us know what you concerns are by emailing us at [email protected]


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