An Ocean-Friendly Strategy to Cannabis Packaging


With cannabis legalization operating its way across the nation, far more and far more cannabis goods are getting made and sold. With the enhance in sales comes a developing concern about the waste generated from packaging supplies and how to make this portion of the burgeoning sector far more sustainable.

It is estimated that among four.eight and 12.7 million tons of plastic supplies make it into the ocean annually according to a 2015 study published in Science. Due to regulations and fees, cannabis packaging has to be childproof and cost-effective top processors to use heavy duty plastics, numerous of which cannot be recycled. Some brands in the sector have responded by utilizing recyclable supplies such as glass, cardboard, cork, and hemp-primarily based plastics.

A new enterprise, Sana Packaging, has designed a line of packaging for cannabis goods utilizing plastic removed from the ocean. The project is the very first of its type in the cannabis sector and could support resolve the query of how to maintain cannabis packaging sustainable, even though also safeguarding the ocean.

A Adjust Is Necessary

Cannabis has extended inspired a connection with the atmosphere. Quite a few customers obtain themselves wanting to slow down, function in the garden, go for a hike, or connect with nature in some other way.

Cannabis inspires an awareness of our effect on the planet, and it tends to make sense that the sector as a entire really should be concerned with how it impacts the ecosystem. Legalization has come speedily and the excitement of it has left some of these environmental considerations with cannabis behind.

At present, six of the ten states with recreational cannabis have coastal boundaries, placing cannabis packaging at a greater danger of producing its way into our oceans. Sana Packaging’s company model aims to inspire each producers and customers to comprehend that there is a far more sustainable way to do company.

The Sustainable Company Model

Sana has currently been facing the packaging crisis head-on as one particular of the very first providers to make plant-primarily based packaging for cannabis. With this new project, they’ve teamed up with company companion Oceanworks to fight against ocean plastics.

Oceanworks has been removing and recycling plastic from the ocean because 2016, with the extended-term aim of a getting a plastic-free of charge ocean. They function as the middleman among collectors and recyclers and corporations that use the plastic to build a item. They are capable to incentivize the removal of plastics from the ocean even though producing a resource obtainable to corporations that want to support the atmosphere.

Oceanworks also traces the origins of the plastics to build a narrative and educate customers on exactly where the plastic for their cannabis comes from.

The story of the plastic employed by Sana starts in Haiti, exactly where nearby Haitians are paid by weight for several forms of plastic pulled out of beaches, streams, and the ocean. Sana will be utilizing HDPE plastic, which frequently comes from laundry detergent packaging and milk jugs.

Workers bring the plastic to recycling centers exactly where it is melted down and turned into pellets. The pellets are shipped to Sana’s facilities and employed to build their new containers for cannabis, which ideally will continue to be recycled in the future and remain out of our oceans.

According to Tim Lewin, Account Manager at Oceanworks, there is no shortage of plastics that need to have to be pulled from our oceans, and with an financial incentive, there are workers eager to earn a living.

“It is unfortunate for the atmosphere there is so significantly plastic to gather, nonetheless, we have located workers are getting paid a quite liveable wage and this has been a increase to the nearby economy,” says Lewin.

Discovering a Voice

Hunting out for the atmosphere and getting a conscious customers extends to all goods and facets of life, no matter if it be meals, clothes, transportation, or cannabis.

The cannabis sector is in its infancy, and now is the time to start out considering about how it will effect the atmosphere and how to make it sustainable. It will continue to develop and thrive and it is improved to have sustainable models in spot just before the sector gets also massive and far more complicated to modify.

“I assume the greatest issue cannabis customers can do is make their voices heard. Shoppers totally have the energy to drive modify in the marketplace.”

James Eichner, co-founder and CSO of Sana Packaging

James Eichner, co-founder and CSO of Sana Packaging, encourages customers to get involved. “I assume the greatest issue cannabis customers can do is make their voices heard,” he stated. “Consumers totally have the energy to drive modify in the marketplace. Just about every time you go to a dispensary, speak to the budtenders about packaging waste. Attain out to your preferred brands and let them know what you assume about their packaging. Let absolutely everyone know you are sick of cannabis packaging waste and let absolutely everyone know that options exist.”

It is essential to try to remember that budtenders can answer any query about the cannabis you are getting, even about how it is packaged. Becoming a conscious customer can also extend to cannabis consumption. Movements such as the #whatsinmyweed campaign urge customers to empower themselves when they stroll into a shop to obtain cannabis.

Do you know of any environmentally friendly cannabis goods? Leave a comment beneath to support reduce the effect that the cannabis sector has on the atmosphere.


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