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DabConnection is content to bring you an additional new brand to our increasing list of cartridge evaluations. This time it is Jetty Extracts Gold below the spotlight and the Sativa dominant Maui Wowie. Coming from the licensed Mankind dispensary in San Diego, high quality assurance is what we’re following. Take a stroll out onto the Jetty in the following Jetty Extracts cartridge assessment.


  • Higher Potency
  • Robust Flavor
  • Sturdy &amp Comfy Cartridge Style
  • Higher-Good quality Concentrate
  • Tested Clean in an Independent Test


  • Higher Cost Tag
  • Light On Quantity Of Puffs
  • No Visible Proof Of Purity On Package For Every single Unit
  • Weak Security Seal

Suggestions: We like the new CCELL cartridge design and style more than the old wick style. The oil vapes up quicker than other comparable brands.  It would be finest if Jetty tends to make apparent the lab undertaking the testing and involves the information and facts on each and every cartridge. They have tested clean although when independently tested.

See our video assessment under and maintain reading on for the a lot more in depth assessment of Jetty cartridges.

Jetty Extracts improves &amp provides a excellent cartridge

The Jetty Extracts Logo

I bear in mind Jetty Extracts cartridges from a couple of years back. These days, they no longer use the wick draw method of old but the preferred c-cell design and style. It is the slim style that does not come to close to the outer glass. At the base are 4 evenly spaced absorption holes. Their positioning at the extremely bottom guarantees extremely small oil residue left more than.

1 factor I do not bear in mind from the old style cartridges is such excellent flavor and potency. It is achievable that my memory is just fading, but the Jetty Extracts Gold cartridges look substantially superior in this regard. In spite of a couple of problems with packaging and labeling, these are fine cartridges certainly.

The Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie is complete of flavor &amp accurate to strain

With all the unique cross-breeds of Maui Wowie, we can only say that the flavor hits house. Tropical reminiscents of Hawaii burst more than your palate with hints of citrus, earth, and pineapple. Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie is sturdy and it does not take substantially of a vape to appreciate the complete flavor.

Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie packs a potent punch at 88.36% THC

The potency of the Jetty Extracts Maui Wowie is up there and effects set in speedy. Power and a good vibe outcome following a single draw from this cartridge. Like other premium carts, the packaging gives percentages as nicely as levels by mg. The .five-gram Maui Wowie cart has 441.eight mg of THC and no CBD.

Jetty Extracts Gold Cartridge Design
Close Up Of The Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie Cartridge

Jetty carts are sturdy and include things like a comfy wooden mouthpiece

Jetty Extracts Gold cartridges start out with the usual 510 threads at the bottom. Above that is their seagull logo with a green border that covers the ignition method. Subsequent is a sturdy glass tube with the ceramic center and metal drawtube inside. Above the glass tube is a metal ring and then a smooth wooden mouthpiece. The mouthpiece does not unscrew producing the cart non-refillable.

Carts come with a tamper-proof seal

Jetty Extract Gold cartridges use a sticker as a tamper-proof seal which is not that sticky. It would be quick to peel it off and get to the cart inside, then reapply it later. The package is a cylinder that you twist and lift to open. A modest gunny sack with drawstrings on the inside holds the actual cartridge.

Jetty Extracts Gold Carts deliver a batch #, but no lab to confirm with

Jetty Extracts Gold Label
Notice The Batch Quantity Plus Manufacturing, Packaged On, &amp Finest By Dates

Nowhere on the packaging or on the enterprise internet site does it show the lab that does the testing. Given that there is a batch quantity, you would assume that implies you can verify the benefits of testing. I have an e mail out and will update the post with their answer. Apart from a batch #, Jetty Extracts shows the manufacturing, packaging, and finest by dates.


$35.00 for a .five-gram cartridge at a licensed CA dispensary is not poor

It certain would be good to see that value drop reduced, particularly taking into consideration the $35.00 is prior to taxes. That is ideal. In a licensed CA dispensary you have to spend taxes, and you will not get out of any of them unless you have an MMID card. Nonetheless. a lot of .five-gram carts are even a lot more in licensed California dispensaries.

Take the Honey Vape Green Crack or the Sunday Goods Trainwreck more than at MedMen in nearby Kearny Mesa. Each .5g cartridges, the Honey Vape charges $40.00 and Sunday Goods $45.00. When you save five to 10 bucks and are capable to take benefit of discounts as nicely, it tends to make a major distinction.

Quantity of puffs is just a small light

Jetty Extracts Gold Cartridge Package
Package And Cost Of The Jetty Extracts Gold .five-gram Cartridge,center/&gt

It is fascinating because at the time of testing I had two other .five-gram carts to evaluate with the Jetty Extracts Gold. There wasn’t a enormous disparity in how speedy the oil receded, but just adequate to notice. I like the Maui Wowie and I seriously want this cartridge would final a small longer.

Substantial vapes are quick but they may possibly hurt

For these who like lung bursting vapes, this is a go-to cartridge. Not only is it potent, but it expands promptly inside the lungs. These terpenes will hit you and if you are not cautious, you will locate your self coughing up a enormous storm. You can verify that video if you haven’t currently and see the vape it provides!

Finish of the rocks on the Jetty Extracts Gold cartridge

Flaws in the Jetty Extract Gold cartridge have absolutely nothing to do with design and style, flavor, or potency. They have a lot more to do with the packaging and how information and facts is presented. It’ll be fascinating to hear what Jetty Extracts has to say about lab evaluation, and we will update as quickly as they answer back. Assuming the lab tests are clear, they make an outstanding vaping practical experience.

If you want to know a lot more about Jetty Extracts, be certain to check out their internet site. Have you attempted a Jetty cartridge? Leave us a comment under or post on our forum.


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