9 Should-Have Accessories for a Greater Higher


Possessing the ideal accessories can drastically maximize your smoking practical experience. Get to know our favourite add-ons beneath. Uncover electric grinders, rolling papers, rescue tonics and far more — all right here to elevate you to a larger plain.

Grind and Unwind

No need to have to break a sweat. Get the best grind with this automatic weed grinder. The Effortless Grinder treats your dry bud to a fine grind with tiny to no work, all you have to do is push a button.

Functions a generous two.5g storage chamber which enables you to grind a considerable quantity of flower at as soon as. It is a major-of-the-line grinder that resists clogging and contains a cleaning brush and replacement blades.

Get a Smoother Higher

Footlong Acrylic Water Pipes make a wonderful addition to your collection. Offered in a range of styles and colour patterns, these distinctive pipes are each tough and artistic.

Get pleasure from a smoother higher with this water bong — it is a enjoyable way to liven up a friendly get-with each other.

Excellent Instances Bubbling Up  

Just searching to get higher speedy and simple with out pulling out the large guns? Attempt this Candy Cane Bubbler. Created of glass and measures roughly 4 to 5 inches in height, it is super practical for individual use.

Hand-blown glass with distinctive colors, shapes, and styles, each and every bubbler has its personal character to match its user.

Rolling With the Homies  

Rolling a excellent joint is not usually simple, specifically if you are a noob. But no issue, attain for the Zig Zag Cigarette Roller to effortlessly knock out some killer splifs. They’re a wonderful accessory that’ll make passing joints about an simple method with attractive outcomes.

Be a One particular Hit Wonder

Smoker on the go? Rest simple recognizing that wherever you go, you can smoke on the go with this Metal Cigarette Pipe. Measuring only 3 inches extended, colored in white and amber, this metal pipe appears just like a cigarette, creating none the wiser.

Pack it with your fave bud ahead of leaving the residence and then pack it in your bag. Now you can bring your one particular hitter on the road.

Adhere to Your Pipe Screens

Optimize your smoking practical experience with higher-high quality Pipe Screens. The screen acts as a filter, maintaining all debris and ash at bay, to make sure your smoke is a high quality one particular.

Comes with 5 screens per pack.

Place It on Paper

Zig-Zag Rolling Papers are well-liked and iconic. The original, classic white booklet comes with 32 sheets of 70mm wide burning paper. They’re the best size for rolling joints. Go skinny for a speedy hit, or large and bold if sharing with pals.

Keep in mind to Tip

RAW Rolling Paper Strategies are higher-high quality ideas created from 100 % vegan papers. Add these ideas to your rolled joints to generate superior airflow and filtration. Your joints will smoke smoother and cleaner.  

Marijuana Rescue Mission  

Got also stoned? Get Mary’s Rescue Tonic. This is a clinically formulated item that may perhaps enable cut down damaging effects from overuse of cannabis consumption.

Created with all all-natural components.


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