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I’m usually choosing fresh buds from my girls result in I in no way save sufficient to final me till the subsequent crop is prepared. Or I’ll drop a mother and have to start out from seed which adds a handful of weeks to the, I’ll be capable to start out acquiring samples time.

And there is absolutely nothing worse than attempting to smoke a wet bud. Effectively, that could possibly be stretching it a bit, but anyway…

I’ve attempted the microwave and oven when you do not want to wait for appropriate drying/curing and they do not function nicely sufficient.

The finest way to dry some bud like the a single in the photo in a hurry is making use of an oil filled heater. They’re quick to move about and handle, heat up quick and in about 45 to 90 minutes, you will have buds dry sufficient to roll a joint if you want to. 45 to 90 sounds lengthy, nicely it is right after all, but, I cannot uncover something else even close to this approach that performs as nicely.


Utilizing the this sort of heater performs nicely for weed that is been cured currently and does not crumble the ideal way to roll a joint as well. Place cured buds on the heater for about 10 minutes and it will crumble completely for joint rolling. The 2nd photo is the bud right after 10 minutes on the heater. It is fantastic!

Lay down a sheet of white copy paper on the heater or you can use a paper plate (make positive it is paper, not foam!), place your trimmed nuggets down cutting them off the stem and location a sheet of white copy paper on top rated. On top rated of that use a newspaper sort magazine as the final layer. If you get a weekly neighborhood paper, that would function fine.

Let it sit on higher heat and in no time they’ll be prepared.

WARNING: do not overlook about your buds or they’ll be dryer than your mouth.

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