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The Canni Loved ones have often strived to bring the finest high-quality merchandise for the fairest value, which is why we have moved to Cold Pressed rather than the commonly made use of CO2 Heat extraction. Obtain our far more about this under.

We have also always recommended that our consumers start off off with a lower dosage product initially, why pay more for a greater strength item if you don’t in fact need to have it. Make up the quantity of the decrease dose merchandise and then see if you think their is further area for improvement. Lots of of our consumers have discovered that the decrease strength, taken in larger quantities suits their desires and is far more expense successful.

Did you know that Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis plant known as ‘Canabis Sativa L’ plant? 

This plant is naturally greater in CBD and low in THC but that is not all! Our products include a complete spectrum of other cannabinoids, because the complete plant is made use of, and the oil comes from a cold pressed procedure to guarantee it contains CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes and terpenoids with no heavy metals and pesticides. This is why we no longer contact our merchandise just CBD as that is 1 modest element of what the Hemp plant has to provide. 

We are 1 of the initial providers in the UK to provide Cold Pressed, which is recognized to be the safest and most successful way to guarantee all compounds stay active and present in your bottle.

Why higher strength oils are not often the greatest worth!

Our consumers have been discovering that far more drops of the decrease strength oils produced it far more reasonably priced and they did not demand greater strength bottles. So we now provide our five% oil in three various sizes and our biggest size bottle nonetheless expense much less than our original Premium Oil which was £89.95. In our original Premium oil there was 10.4mg of CBD per drop – now if you take five drops of our new Cold Pressed five% oil it is the equivalent quantity but at much less than a third of the value.  

We recommend that you take the quantity of drops of our 5% oil or Water-Soluble initially to uncover our what suits your desires, creating up steadily, rather than getting high-priced higher strength bottles.

If you nonetheless believe you may possibly struggle with taking the quantity of drops every day that you think you need to have from our five% Cold Pressed oil variety then attempt our Water soluble as this can be added to a drink and is absorbed entirely by way of the gastric method – so no wastage!

Thank you for reading our weblog and if you are interested in attempting any of our merchandise please use the code CB10 for a 10% discount on your initial order at checkout.


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