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Yesterday the season finale of Queens of the Stoned Age aired on Merry Jane. This episode featured a group of female influencers and artists sitting about a kitchen table speaking about cannabis and sex. Guests integrated adult film stars Riley Reid and Jenna Sativa, comedians Esther Ku and Rachel Wolfson, cannabis matchmaker Molly Peckler, musician and cannabis advocate Jacqueline Epcar and photographer Jennifer Rovero. I guided the conversation, pulling from everyone’s understanding and experiences to craft an precise and female-powered conversation about cannabis, sex and what it really is like to be a lady currently. 

Just to give you some background, the very first 3 episodes of Queens of the Stoned Age had been shot in one particular day with a restricted price range and a quite quick timeline to recruit a group of females that had been prepared to use cannabis onscreen and speak candidly about their partnership to the plant. You can inform for the reason that right after smoking joint right after joint all day you can barely see my eyes in this episode!

Casting was a continual conversation in between me, Merry Jane and Jennifer Rovero. Simply because these initial episodes had been regarded a “proof of notion” in several techniques, we targeted good friends of Merry Jane and females who have worked with Snoop Dogg in the previous. We did the finest we could in the quick time we had to make this actual.

This is all to say that we unquestionably could have completed a much better job recruiting females of all ethnicities. At the finish of the day the show largely featured thin white girls, which is currently such an problem in media and in our portrayal of “feminism.” The cannabis business is buzzing with diverse females and guys and the show did not relatively represent this. As a outcome, we received some backlash from females who did not really feel their voices had been heard. 

I am writing this post to say sorry. 

I am sorry that we could not collectively represent all of the voices of cannabis in these very first 3 episodes. We are committed to altering this in future episodes. When the show was designed by Merry Jane and Snoop Dogg, I did assistance create it and it was inspired by the Cannabis Feminist women’s circles we have been hosting for more than one particular year. We intentionally chose an all-female cast and crew so each lady on set felt comfy to be herself. This show is revolutionary in several techniques (it is the very first all-female unscripted conversation about females and cannabis,) but we can and will do much better by relatively representing all of the faces of cannabis and Cannabis Feminism. 

Diversity in cannabis matters for so several factors. Quite a few of the communities that had been not relatively represented in the show have been disenfranchised by cannabis in the previous and have never ever had an chance to advantage from the booming cannabis business. It is not an equal playing field and it is unfair that so several of us (which includes myself) get to freely pursue cannabis when several of the folks who came just before us and set the stage have been incarcerated and locked up in the failed War on Drugs. These are the voices and faces that deserve energy, visibility and recognition in media, organization and beyond.

I want to honor females like Jean and Jane, Lizzy Jeff, Mahogany Mary, Minelli Eustacio-Costa and groups like Calling Mary Jane, Culinary and Cannabis, Estrohaze, Madame Green Develop and Supernova Girls for highlighting the value of this problem. We are all in this collectively and we would really like to share your stories on future episodes. 


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