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Almost all industrial develop facilities (and several private grows) commence expanding their cannabis plants by taking cuttings off mother plants. By turning plant cuttings into clones, growers can speed their develop time and predict benefits with awesome accuracy. But that is not the only cause to enjoy mothers. If you are unfamiliar with what a mother plant is, retain reading as we take a closer appear at these integral components of a cannabis develop!


What is a Mother Plant?


A mother plant is a plant that is grown especially for cloning purposes. They are kept in a continual vegetative state and under no circumstances transitioned more than into the flowering stage. Cannabis plants are specially attractive to use as mothers for the reason that they are straightforward to clone and are resilient to the minor anxiety that accompanies plant cuttings.


Causes to Retain a Mother Plant


There are several factors to retain a mother plant, the very first of which becoming the quantity of time clones shave off the cultivation course of action. Mainly because clones can be placed straight into a flowering light cycle, there needn’t be any lag time among crops – when 1 crop gets pulled to trim, one more can go straight into the flower cycle. It is crucial to note, nonetheless, that the plant’s output will straight correlate with its size so smaller sized clones should really be permitted to veg on their personal till an optimum size is reached.


Probably the finest cause to retain a mother plant, is for the reason that clones taken from a mother are precise genetic copies of every single other.


One particular plant may perhaps generate about 10 strong clones in a single cycle all of which will generate the precise similar strain qualities. Not only that, but clones taken from a female plant will usually be female, as effectively (unless stressed into going hermie) so you will under no circumstances have to be concerned about males pollinating your females.


Cloning from mother plants is a fantastic way to make certain consistency in a develop.

Yet another fantastic cause to cultivate cannabis from mother plants is the self-assurance inherent with expanding the similar crop more than and more than. Mainly because clones are precise copies of their mothers, their develop patterns and nutritional demands will match as effectively. This not only aids novice growers best their cultivation course of action but also aids a lot more knowledgeable growers experiment with unique cultivation procedures and development mediums. By comparing the development cycle of genetically identical clones, growers can discover which procedures generate optimum yield and which are finest left untouched. 


Suggestions to Retain Your Mother Wholesome and Robust


As soon as you have decided to use a mother plant, you will require to start out expanding 1. We recommend beginning mother plants from seeds for the reason that seeds create stronger, deeper taproots which is crucial for each nutrient absorption and structural integrity of the plant. We also recommend acquiring cannabis seeds from a respected breeder (rather of utilizing bag seeds) as these have a tendency to possess stronger genetic traits.

Just after germinating your seeds, develop them below a vegetative light cycle till they commence displaying indicators of their sex. Male plants will commence creating seed sacks by the nodes whereas female plants will create bracts and sooner or later hair-like stigmas intended to gather male pollen. Alternatively, you can force-flower a cutting by putting it in an 18+ hour light cycle for a couple of weeks. Males should really be removed straight away though females can be flowered or employed as mothers. Also keep in mind to retain your mother plants in the vegetative light cycle to minimize anxiety and the likelihood of your plants turning into hermaphrodites.

Losing Vigor

All mother plants will shed vigor more than time, even with the finest care.

When it comes to preserving your mother, usually use organic nutrients and pesticides. More than the generations, your plant could create a resistance to synthetic nutrients/pesticides therefore lowering her capability to resist anxiety and infestation later in her life cycle.

Lastly, know when it is time to place your mother plant to rest. Even with the finest of care, your mother plant will commence to show indicators of age right after about a year or two. Development will be significantly less vigorous, clones will generate significantly less weight, and indicators of anxiety may perhaps develop into apparent. As a result, we recommend storing seeds from your favored plants so that, when it is time to place your mother plant to rest, you will currently be ready to start out more than once again.


Final Thoughts


Mothers are definitely unique they give us life, nurture us all through adolescence, and instill our most crucial traits via the years. Cannabis mother plants are no unique. Employing a mother plant to develop cannabis is each straightforward and exceptionally rewarding providing us all the a lot more cause to enjoy the mothers in our lives.

Do you have any strategies for preserving mother plants? Share them with our readers in the comment section under.


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