What Does OCB Stand For?


You maintain hearing about OCB…but why? Why do your pals maintain speaking about “how good OCB is”? Here’s what you need to have to know about OCB, and what it stands for. 

OCB Rolling Papers is a brand popular for 100 years of good quality cigarette papers. Its history is distinctive, and uniquely tied to the excellence that tends to make it a good quality brand. To know this brand far better, and make far better options on rolling papers, it is time to ask, “What does OCB stand for?”

What does OCB stand for?

OCB stands for Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré. The letter O for Odet comes from the Odet River, as the founder initially made the Papeteries Bolloré (a paper mill) on the bank to make rolling paper in 1822. C for Cascadec, on the other hand, comes from the expansion of the organization in 1917, when the founders purchased the Mill Cascadec and constructed a rolling paper plant. Lastly, B for Bolloré comes from the surname of the founder of OCB himself, Rene Bolloré. In 1918, the brand OCB was officially made, starting the reputation of OCB Rolling Papers you know these days.

What is the history of OCB?

In 1822, Rene Bolloré and his brothers began a paper mill beside the Odet River in France. The river was significant, as paper is created of wood pulp and water, processed into sheets. The starting was so tricky that totally two years went by devoid of a single sheet of paper becoming developed. Nonetheless, they persevered till they had expanded adequate to rent the Mill Cascadec in Scaër in 1893.

history of ocb

By 1917, the company had expanded adequate for the Bolloré loved ones to acquire the Mill Cascadec. In 1918, the OCB brand was established. 1930 saw the OCB Rolling Papers reaching the US, and in 2017 the organization had officially reached six out of the 7 continents. Produced of African Acacia gum (hardened sap from trees), the OCB Rolling Paper is not only higher-good quality and particularly thin. It is all-all-natural and does the least probable quantity of harm to the surrounding atmosphere. The excellence of OCB Rolling Papers carried more than from the perseverance of the founder till the trusted OCB brand of these days.

We know you have heard your pals speaking about OCB…that is why you are right here. Now jump more than to our collection of OCB rolling papers and discover out what all of the fuss is about!


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