We Interviewed Dan Bilzerian at a Mansion Celebration About His Loud New Cannabis Brand


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“I heard the rent is $400,000 a month,” whispers a blazer-clad media exec riding behind me in the black Mercedes Sprinter van. “That’s more than the major,” I respond as we turn one more corner and pull up to Dan Bilzerian’s Bel-Air Mega Mansion. Sprawling across the side of a hill overlooking the cloudy LA skyline, the household resembles a lot more of a futuristic, dystopian mini-mall than a private residence.&nbsp

We’ve wound our way up the road to stop by the infamous babe-loving, gun-toting, weight lifting, weed smoking online celeb to celebrate the launch of his new cannabis brand dubbed Ignite. The crowded space of celebrity cannabis brands gets a lot more crowded just about every day but perhaps Bilzerian’s lightning rod persona can make it stand out? There’s also Ignite’s aesthetic and promoting strategy that merges scantily clad babes with the graphic design and style sensibilities of a second tier power drink. Needless to say, Ignite is steadfastly committed to getting the largest, brashest cannabis brand any person has ever observed. For much better or worse.

Fittingly, the Ignite/Bilzerian launch celebration mirrored this strategy. The occasion was as notable as significantly for what it had (immense raw bar, giant plates of grilled meat, lingerie-clad ladies dancing on pedestals and reside performances from Cardi B, Tyga, and Carnage) as what it did not (there was no Ignite cannabis solution on internet site to sample or consume, maintaining in line with California’s strict regulations… but a small disappointing, no much less).

Overcoming the intense stimulus, I got a couple of minutes to sit down and chat with Danny B. Contrary to any assumptions 1 may make primarily based on his public image, Bilzerian was thoughtful, articulate, calm, and detailed. We talked weed, guns, “totally free speech,” and beyond — appreciate!

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MERRY JANE: Hey Dan, do you wanna inform me a bit about the road that lead you to cannabis?

Dan Bilzerian: Effectively, it is a extended road. I began smoking weed when I was 11, so 28 years now. That is a extended time. God that tends to make me really feel old. But anyways, I’ve been smoking all my life and when I heard it was going to be legal in Nevada that type of a switch flipped in my head and I was like, “Wow this is a actual chance.” As soon as a lot more states start off permitting this to be completely legal and not just healthcare, I believe it is just gonna continue going in that path. It is proved to do that it is does not go the other way. A state does not go rec and then go back to healthcare and then say, “Oh this did not operate, we’re possessing huge issues with weed…” simply because there’s just not genuinely huge issues to have with weed. So if you can be initial to market place in an market and make a brand and be 1 of the initial brands and do it proper, then I believe the sky’s the limit. I couldn’t believe of a much better market to do it in than cannabis.

Completely. So if you had to speak about your brand pillars what you really feel like you are bringing to the conversation with Ignite, how would you describe your one of a kind worth proposition to the market place?

That have been just not gonna reduce corners. I’m gonna devote what ever I have to devote to do it proper. It is taken longer than I wanted it to, but it is essential for me that we have the very best merchandise on the shelves and do it properly, rather than be racing into it super quick. The only issue that can kill our brand is creating shitty merchandise or placing shitty merchandise out there, so extended as we do not do that I believe we’re just gonna win.


In terms of creating positive a solution is not shitty, how hands-on are you with the approach itself?

I’ve attempted just about every single solution we have, and I attempt pretty much just about every single solution we are R&ampD-ing. But here’s the issue — it is not just about what I like. I do this just simply because I want to know what I’m placing out on the shelves, and I want to know how it impacts me. Plus, I know just about every individual is unique, and there’s at least 200 unique cannabinoids, so everyone’s physique is going to act differently.

For me, if I smoke a heavy indica, I type of get a small anxiousness. But when my buddy Berner smokes a sativa, he gets anxiousness. So you know everyone reacts differently, and you have to figure out what performs for you. Sadly, there is a lot of persons that never have a lot of facts in the market, and they’ll attempt an edible and perhaps they’ll do 10 milligrams and it’ll hit them soon after 20 minutes and they’ll take one more 10mg and one more 10mg, and now they’re on Pluto and they’re like, “I under no circumstances want to fucking do this once again, this is horrible, what idiot would want to do this?”

I believe education is essential and I believe it is essential that you figure out not only the way you like to consume but the varieties of cannabinoids you like to consume. You know the way the market is going, at least in Nevada, is that they give you the complete terpene profile, so you can type of figure out what you like. So if you have anxiousness there are unique strains that are much better for that. If you want to sleep, there are unique strains for that. I believe the popular misconception is that weed is just weed and that these effects can all just be lumped collectively. I’ve smoked weed that is created me really feel like I’ve had a cup of coffee and I’ve had weed that is created me really feel like I could not get up off my couch. So I believe figuring out what performs very best for you is essential and education inside the market has to be paramount.


As a person who is interested in overall health and bodybuilding, what type of function does cannabis play in your personal wellness regimen?

Effectively, I would say that I’ve been more than-consuming lately. I would not advocate a person smoke as significantly as I do. I believe every little thing in excess generally has adverse effects, and I’m type of an extremist. I’ve genuinely pushed the limit exactly where I’ve been dabbing all day for extended periods of time, and I nevertheless smoke weed pretty much just about every single day. I took an pretty much 4-day hiatus and it felt like a fucking eternity.&nbsp

Anyways, for me, I like to smoke sativas when I operate out. I do not genuinely like to have sex unless I’m higher. That could not be a fantastic issue, but for me you really feel a lot more sensitivity and it is a much better knowledge. I like to watch films higher, but I attempt not to smoke till I’ve gotten all my operate achieved, bring about 1 issue that I’ve noticed is that smoking weed does make me dumber — what ever perhaps I’m pissing some persons off [by saying that] but I dont give a fuck.

I was playing a bunch of unique chess matches on this app, and the subsequent day I woke and I looked at the games I was playing and I looked at the moves I did. I backed up and I was like, “How the fuck did I get in this predicament?” And I just realized that [smoking] absolutely impaired my capacity to go by way of a particular quantity of iterations and moves and stuff like that. So I would not advocate weed for persons that are attempting to do college operate or something like that. I imply creatively maybe…

So yes for sex, no for chess.

Yeah, no for chess… totally no for fucking chess.


Got it. So staying in the realm of factors that you are personally connected to, proper now it is tough for licensed gun owners to get healthcare marijuana cards. What are your feelings about that?

You genuinely wanna open up a can of worms on that 1 huh? You know I have genuinely sturdy feelings about that. I really got issued a letter saying that I wasn’t permitted to personal guns for a year now bring about I am addicted to drugs. They sent me that, and then they went by way of all my Instagram images and picked out all the stories exactly where I was consuming. It was just crazy to me.


Who sent this letter to you?

The Las Vegas Police Division. So you know we’re fighting that and what ever, but I had to fundamentally give up all my guns and lock them. I do not have access to my weapons proper now, which is fairly brutal to me bring about I’m a fucking veteran and I was a cop for 4 years. I served my nation for more than eight years amongst the military and the police division, so who are they to inform me that I cannot personal a fucking gun? To me, when you are drunk, you are gonna make a lot worse choices with a firearms than when you are higher. There’s guys that drink just about every fucking day and you never take their guns away from them. So that, to me, is genuinely 1 of the hot buttons and that genuinely genuinely pisses me off.


So 1 final query, what’s your attitude towards persons that have looked at your promoting strategy with Ignite and referred to as it sexist?

Fuck off —&nbspthat’s my response [laughs]. Appear, our advertisements are no unique than Calvin Klein no unique than Guess. Tom Ford’s got a cologne ad exactly where the bottle is in front of the model’s vagina and there’s a cologne bottle amongst her tits, and no one cares about that. There’s been advertisements in Vogue that appear like a entire orgy and it does not imply shit to them. So it is genuinely persons that are hunting to whine and complain. In this culture presently, everyone desires a bring about. They want some thing to whine about and they want some bandwagon to jump on. So I do not know man… these persons can kiss my ass. I could care much less.

For a lot more on Ignite, stop by the company’s web page right here


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