Wanna Get Larger than Higher? Do not Hold Your Breath…


Every person has their personal one of a kind set of ‘rules’ when it comes to having greater than higher. We’ve all attempted all manner of weird and excellent factors to really feel a larger buzz – some of which turn out to be extra prosperous than other individuals. But then there are these requirements that are followed instinctively by millions of cannabis customers worldwide.

1 of which getting the classic strategy of holding in every single hit you inhale for as extended as physically probable.

Some argue – pretty vigorously, in reality – that holding your breath right after every single hit is a assured way of intensifying its effects. You’d also be forgiven for pondering that there was a specific quantity of logic to this theory. Following all, the longer you hold cannabis smoke in your lungs, the extra THC tends to make its way into your system…right?


At the danger of bursting an abundance of bubbles worldwide, holding in hits to intensify a higher genuinely is not the way to go. In reality, there’s every single opportunity you could finish up undertaking oneself extra harm than fantastic.

Why Heavy and Prolonged Hits Are Unnecessary

To create a image of how it all functions, you initial want to fully grasp how your lungs do their job. Contrary to well known belief, the human physique is not practically as effective as it could be at absorbing oxygen and having rid of carbon dioxide. The typical energy of lungs can hold in the area of six litres of air, taken in by way of one particular huge breath. Nonetheless, a sizeable proportion of the oxygen in the air we inhale is as soon as once again exhaled.

If our lungs have been extra effective at absorbing oxygen, we’d be in a position to take a single breath and then not want a different for pretty some time. Rather, we’re forced to breathe continually in somewhat shallow breaths to compensate for this inefficiency. In total, human lungs can absorb a maximum of about 6ml of oxygen every single minute. There’s nothing at all you can do about this limitation, which also applies to our absorption of THC.

Or to place it a different way, there’s only a specific quantity of THC your lungs can extract from the cannabis you inhale – irrespective of how extended you hold it in.

So…Why Does Holding in Hits Get Me Larger?

Test out the theory for oneself and you will in all probability disregard all this as pure BS. Take a massive bong hit, hold your breath till you are about to explode and release a fog of smoke accordingly. Following which, you will in all probability really feel infinitely ‘higher’ than had you taken just a tiny toke.

In reality even so, it is got definitely nothing at all to do with the cannabis or its THC content material. Rather, holding a massive hit in your lungs for as extended as probable merely leads to a mild kind of asphyxiation. Along with denying your physique and brain the oxygen it requirements, you will also be feeling the effects of the carbon monoxide in the smoke. Therefore, it is just about inevitable you will really feel somewhat dizzy or light-headed in the procedure.

Your brain could possibly fool you into pondering it is the cannabis that tends to make this come about, but it is not. It is merely the identical impact you’d really feel if you inhaled something (rather than fresh air) and held it in your lungs for a when.

Immediate Absorption of THC

It is also worth bearing in thoughts that the compounds our bodies absorb from the smoke we inhale are absorbed astonishingly rapidly. In reality, THC from cannabis is absorbed just about quickly. Rather actually the moment the cannabis smoke is in your lungs, about 95% of the THC in the cannabis will have currently been absorbed. Therefore, it is not going to make any distinction regardless of whether you exhale now or later.

Just as extended as you get it exactly where it requirements to be in the initial location, the rest requires care of itself.

As touched upon earlier, you basically stand to do extra harm than fantastic by holding hits in your lungs for as extended as probable. The purpose getting that cannabis smoke includes extra than just the THC, CBD and other active compounds you are interested in. Setting light to something naturally creates toxic by-goods, and even modest doses can trigger irritation to the throat, lungs and so on.

Therefore, the longer you hold in your hit, the extra harm you stand to do to your airways. Not pretty to the identical extent as smoking tobacco, maybe, but harm nonetheless. From a purely health-related point of view for that reason, it is far superior to stick with shorter hits – which will in all probability get you just as higher.

How to Correctly Intensify Your Higher

So when it could possibly be a bitter pill to swallow, holding in every single hit for as extended as probable just is not going to function. On the plus side, there are numerous avenues to discover to intensify your higher in a a great deal safer and extra successful way.

Some of the most successful of all getting as follows:

  1. Pick your strains wisely

If you are all about THC, it merely tends to make sense to invest in the highest THC strains you can lay your hands on. If you cannot trust your nearby seller to sort you out with high-quality bud, why not think about developing your own…assuming it is legal to do so. Switch factors up from a 15% batch to a 28% batch and you will quickly locate there’s genuinely no want to hold your breath.

  1. Take a tolerance break

If your tolerance is no significantly less than legendary, you could advantage from a short-term break. You do not necessarily have to go cold-turkey, but rather assume about cutting down drastically for a handful of weeks. Following which, the strains that previously had no impact on you could do the trick.

  1. Experiment with concentrates

For clear causes, cannabis concentrates with THC levels of 50% or greater never ever fail to get the job completed. If something, you will want to strategy concentrates with caution – unless you are currently dealing with an OTT tolerance.

  1. Attempt vaping

Final but not least, you could also think about swapping your faithful bong for an sophisticated vape pen. It could possibly not be pretty as ceremonious, but consuming vaporised cannabis aids make sure you get maximum potency from every single hit, permitting subsequent to no valuable THC to go to waste.






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