Back when I initially produced cannabutter final year it occurred to me that something can be make into an edible. Right after all these years of possessing my absolutely free spirit killed by domestication, now I wake up daily and begin breakfast. Final year, the day immediately after creating my initially batch of cannabutter essentially, I woke up to make some eggs but I didn’t have any genuine butter just cannabutter, so I believed to myself, “what the hell,” and just fried up some eggs in the cannabutter. To understand later that these eggs had us laid out on the couch watching Television all day seriously baked. And so due to the fact then, this has turned into a point. Saturdays now, when there’s time to couchgate all day, are for Waking, Baking (with the morning smoke sesh) and Brunching! And in my home this CannaBrunch Burger is a fan favourite:


Serving portion: four Burgers


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • six eggs
  • Adobo (with the red cap)                                        
  • four burger buns
  • four slices of Sargento sliced cheddar cheese
  • eight strips of bacon
  • minced garlic (I use the one particular in the jar)   
  • four rectangular frozen hash browns
  • 1 1/two sticks of cannabutter


  1. This is seriously fairly speedy so the initially point I do is set my oven to 420 degrees.
  2. Then I grab the ground beef and place two egg yolks in. Then two tablespoons of diced garlic. And season with Adobo.
  3. By now the oven beeped so I place my four frozen hash browns in the oven.
  4. Then I get my hands dirty and massage the ground beef mixing the garlic, yolk and seasoning in when forming four patties and then putting them in the freezer.
  5. Subsequent take these eight strips of bacon, reduce them in half and in a frying pan I fry up the bacon with 1/four stick of cannabutter.
  6. Though the bacon is frying I take one more 1/four stick and butter my burger buns.
  7. By now the bacon is performed. So I take them out add one more 1/four stick of butter to the bacon grease and use that bacon butter mix to fry up the burgers. I can only do two at a time and I only flip them when. So by the time to make my second set of patties I add one more 1/four stick for the 2nd round. And yes right here is exactly where you melt the cheese onto the patty also.
  8. Subsequent I take my hash browns out. They are good and brown my now and I reduce them up into strips.
  9. All when in one more frying pan I making use of cannabutter to fry up four eggs more than simple.
  10. Final portion just stack your buttered bun, burger patty with cheese, hash brown strips, two strips of bacon reduce into 4, the fried eggs and the major bun. Boom! CannaBrunch is prepared to serve!

I like to serve these with some fruit and french fries on the side but you can do what ever you want seriously. I do guarantee you even so that all who indulge in this brunch is confident to have a baked, stoney day! Hope you appreciate!