Vets To Meet With Home Committee On Veterans Affairs In DC To Encourage CBD Study


By Steve Danyluk

Later this month, a compact group of about six Veterans affiliated with Warfighter Hemp, are preparing to meet with the members of the Cannabis Caucus as effectively as members of the Home Committee on Veterans’ Affairs in the Nations Capitol. Our intent is to present the case for the Veterans Administration to study the prospective rewards of CBD Oil derived not from Marijuana, but rather derived from Industrial Hemp that is grown in compliance with the 2014 Farm Bill.

While from the similar species, Marijuana and Hemp are two various plants. Marijuana is usually wealthy in THC, the cannabinoid identified for having a individual higher. Industrial Hemp, on the other hand, has practically no THC and rather is wealthy in CBD, the compound usually related with the medicinal rewards of Cannabis. CBD, most unquestionably, does not get 1 higher, is non-addictive and is tolerance resistant.

Final month, Secretary David Shulkin, head of the Veterans Administration and member of President Trump’s cabinet, answered a letter sent by Congressman Tim Walz, ranking member of the Home Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, requesting that the VA study the prospective rewards of Health-related Marijuana. Shulkin denied the request working with the circular, Catch-22 argument that the VA’s hands had been tied simply because Marijuana is not federally legal and as a result, no University Analysis Division can study it.

Though that may perhaps be the case with Marijuana, we hope to convince these members of Congress that this explanation does not hold up with regards to CBD derived from Industrial Hemp. We also strategy to ask them to go back to Secretary Shulkin and ask him to reconsider carrying out a VA study, not on Marijuana or goods derived from Marijuana, but on what we really feel is a game altering solution of CBD derived from Federally compliant Industrial Hemp. We think we have a compelling argument as to why Secretary Shulkin’s response should really not be the finish of the story.

Speaking as a Marine Corps combat Veteran I can attest as very first-hand witnesses to the VA’s more than-prescription of opiate-primarily based medicines and the devastating effects that this has had on our veteran population. The VA is the biggest dispenser of opioids in the nation. This more than-reliance on opioids has played a heavy hand in producing an additional unfortunate statistic, the unacceptable suicide price in the Veteran neighborhood which Government information demonstrates that twenty Veterans a day are dying by their personal hand. Arguably, the VA is carrying out a greater job of killing us than the Taliban ever did.

CBD derived from Federally legal Industrial Hemp presents a prevalent sense to the issues several Veterans face due to the more than prescription of these toxic medicines and adequate is adequate. It is time for our nations lawmakers to and do a thing about a dilemma that not only impacts our nations heroes but that is killing extra Americans just about every year than had been lost for the duration of the complete Vietnam War. We are going to Capitol Hill with the hope that Congressman Walz and the other folks will listen. Do not we at least deserve that?

Mr. Danyluk is a retired Marine Corps, LtCol and at present serves as a Veterans consultant to Warfighter Hemp,


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