Very best Bud of the Month: Gracie Grace Gordon, Shop Dog


If we’re becoming truthful, our Durango dispensary is additional “Durango” than the other shops in town: our owners are FLC grads, and if they’re not right here, one particular is rafting/skiing/biking whilst the other is fishing, and just about every person else who operates right here wears one particular of these puffy coats that marks a bona fide regional. But additional importantly, we all have dogs (which is a Durangotan prerequisite), and yes, we bring them to operate there’s a complete pack in the back on a great day. For actual, there’s just a thing about functioning alongside dogs that tempers even the worst Monday. But there’s one particular dog in specific who’s right here usually adequate to earn the title of “shop dog,” and she’s so great that this month, she’s Your Very best Bud: Gracie Grace Gordon.

Gracie has some Lab in her, but she’s also skinny and brief-haired to be a purebred. She’s all the superior for it although simply because she’s smarter and calmer than your typical Lab, and she spends her hours right here walking from employee to employee with her toenails clicking on the concrete as she asks for treats (it is completely acceptable to give her a bite of your sandwich, but you have to say “easy” in a really serious voice whilst you feed her or she’ll “accidentally” consume your hand). Gracie is a sweet, old girl who just desires appreciate or to play with her “ladybug,” but she’s normally in the back, so you have in all probability under no circumstances met the dog who brightens our days. This week, we’re going to repair that here’s Gracie’s interview:

Q. Who’s a great girl?

Gracie. “Me.”

Q. When did you commence functioning for The Greenery?

Gracie. “About twenty years ago (in dog years).”

Q. What’s your favored way to delight in marijuana?

Gracie. “I like consuming grass. Does that count?”

Q. What’s your favored outside activity?

Gracie. “You know, operating, peeing, smelling quite significantly the identical points you like to do.”

Q. Inform us about your pet.

Gracie. “Karen Gordon is my human. She’s The Greenery’s Chief Monetary Officer, which has a thing to do with sitting all the time, but she’s super great at throwing points.”

Q. Which station do you stream whilst you are functioning at The Greenery?

Gracie. “What?”

Q. What do you like most about functioning at The Greenery?

Gracie. “I like all the humans who operate with me, simply because they have thumbs, so it is simple for them to open the refrigerator.”

See what I imply? Gracie is amazing. She’s a loving pooch who has this uncanny potential to snap you out of a funk with a effectively-timed lick on your arm whilst you are attempting to form, and she’s a massive component of why all the budtenders you meet have a smile on their faces when you come in. But additional importantly, Gracie’s inclusion in our group says a thing about our organization: we appreciate dogs, and our organization culture, one particular that was breed suitable right here in Durango, tends to make space for our 4-legged buddies, and there’s absolutely nothing additional “Durango” than that.

Basically, we appreciate dogs so significantly that if they’re on a leash and effectively-behaved, you are normally welcome to bring yours into our dispensary whilst you shop. I guarantee your dog will appreciate the smells in right here virtually as significantly as you do, and it beats barking from your automobile in the parking lot any day. So, if you are twenty-one particular or older with a valid I.D. proving it, come see us at 208 Parker Avenue and bring along your dog (he or she does not will need an I.D.). We’ll give you the ideal cannabis service and knowledge in town even if you bring your dogs, simply because we’re their Very best Buds, also!


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