Tweedle Farms CBD Flower Overview (Wonderful CBD Flower Strains)


Right now I will be reviewing a CBD firm that sells it in it is purest kind. That firm is Tweedle Farms and their solution is CBD flower.

Tweedle Farms has a complete assortment of strains of various flavors and cannabinoid portfolios. I attempted out 3 such strains of the cannabis flower and will cover in depth my thoughts on the flavor and effects of these strains.

But initially I have to supply you with some firm data.

Tweedle Farms Corporation Information and facts

Tweedle Farms is household run and primarily based in Northwest Oregon. They sell farm to table, terpene and CBD wealthy hemp items. Their items are all legal (beneath the .three% THC level) and are sourced from hemp.

Their flowers are not “Certified” organinc (you can not certify hemp plants), but they never ever use pesticides, sprays or synthetic fertilizers when developing the plants.

Tweedle Farms’ CBD flower strains are lab tested displaying you the diversified portfolio of cannabinoids.

Tweedle Farms third party lab testing

Becoming that they sell CBD flower, you are receiving CBD in it is purest kind for the most synergistic effects with all of the cannabinoids functioning with each other.

They recommend utilizing their solution any way you like it except consuming it, this incorporates:

Smoking, vaping, infuse in an oil, or extract and so forth.

I personally vaped all of the CBD flowers I was provided.

Let’s take a appear at what items they sell.

Tweedle Farms Merchandise

Tweedle Farms Products

Tweedle Farms has four various items and a complete array of CBD flower strains to opt for from, with descriptions to match so you know precisely what strains will suit your requirements.

  • CBD Flower
  • CBD Trims/Shake and Smalls
  • Tweedle Farms Apparel
  • CBD Flower Pre-Rolls

Every little thing you will ever need to have.

Let’s see what I believed about the strains I was provided.

My In-depth Evaluation and Overview of Tweedle Farms CBD Flower

Now I am going to supply my critique of every strain I have attempted. I spent ample time attempting every in order to see what effects and flavors had been seasoned.

For every strain I will speak about smell and taste and then cover what effects I felt all through, attempting every to give a larger image of Tweedle Farms CBD Flower.

For all of the flower I have attempted, I applied a dry herb vaporizer to test.

Tweedle Farms Vaporizer

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy includes 19.six% CBDa and .09% Delta9 THC, and it is higher in farnesene, β-Myrcene, and a-pinene.

Vaped at 430 degrees F.


Instantly you are greeted with a pretty citrusy pungent aroma. As far as the taste, proper off the bat this strain was pretty citrusy and sweet. It was very abundant in complicated flavors and had creamy undertones. It was a pretty smooth smoke that was much more sweet than grassy.

It had a pretty pleasant aftertaste which had a mild fruitiness to it.

Sour Space Candy Lab testing page 1
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The effects of this strain are pretty quick and pretty noticeable. It will create a relaxing afternoon when seeking to unwind. Feelings of mellow and tranquility come to thoughts.

It begins functioning in the thoughts, then performs its way to the physique releasing discomfort.

It has much more of a sedating impact on anxiousness, rather than a minimizing impact, it is pretty pleasant.

This CBD flower strain gave me a mildly pleasant euphoria and an all round feeling of properly becoming. Sour space candy performs pretty deeply and is pretty successful, I was overwhelmed with it is relaxing nature.

As far as sleep is concerned, this strain didn’t make me artificially tired, but when it was time for me to sleep, I had pretty vivid dreams with superior dream recall and identified that I had a really hard time waking up in the morning. It made pretty peaceful sleep.

This was superb top quality CBD flower.


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