To New Beginnings…Or…My three Words for 2018


For practically a year, numerous good friends and I would collect for dinner virtually just about every Saturday evening just before a evening out. Inevitably, when it came time to toast for our initially drink, we would shout, “to new beginnings!”.  At initially it was mainly because some thing poor would take place to 1 of us due to the fact we saw every other final, but right after a even though it became our operating joke. There was generally 1 of us who could use a new starting.

This time it is me. My year and numerous of my commitments could use a new starting. And when improved to declare a time of new beginnings than spring?

See, here’s the factor. This post is about my private strategy to the close to year. It was initially written on January 1.

What? You do not keep in mind seeing it? I believed you known as your self my pal. The cause you didn’t see it is mainly because I wrote the post, and then I damn properly couldn’t didn’t make the time to edit and post it. When the selections are sleeping for only 4 hours or editing a weblog post, I chose sleep.

So there it sat, on my pc as an open word doc, just ripe for the losing when my challenging drive crashed. A small recognized reality, this weblog post is really only 1 of two files that I have identified are missing.

You didn’t study this post mainly because I by no means completed it. And then I lost it. Nation music stars really should sing about that sort of loss. Certain it is not the loss of a loved 1, or a broken down truck, but it is the loss of challenging operate and stories that I fell in enjoy with and then disappeared in a tragic loss of my pc.


This is my New Starting. Right here are my three Words.

Just about every year, as an alternative of generating resolutions or ambitions, I choose 3 words to guide my year. It is a system I stole from Chris Brogan and have by no means looked back (thanks Chris!).

I appear forward to the procedure just about every and it becomes my preferred post for months. The procedure of deciding on the words tends to make me quit and assume about my ambitions, my hopes, and my concentrate for the year. They turn out to be my mantra and guide for my private and operate life – even even though they are swiftly becoming 1 in the identical.


Why three Words

In my thoughts, the 3 words kind a pyramid that I can lean on. A single word does not leave me any area, two words, appears unfinished. As if I was going to balance some thing on them, only to have it fall off. 4 words begins to turn out to be cumbersome in the way of, “wait, what was that once again?” At that point, I’m practically two/three of the way to attempting to name the seven dwarfs, and who desires to attempt to do that just about every day?


An Evolution

Each and every year the words turn out to be much more integrated into my life. The initially year I wrote them down inside a notebook and then set them aside. The subsequent year, I wrote them in at least a handful of locations. By 2015, I blogged about the worlds and attempted to incorporate them into my every day life. By 2016 I went into pondering of cute small month-to-month challenges I could give myself, only to be laid off twice in the initially 5 months of the year. My lesson from 2016? When you choose a word, you do not just choose 1 of it is meanings, you get the excellent and the poor with it.

So select wisely.

Right here are the three words I’ve chosen more than the years and written about them on my private weblog:

2014: 300. Study. Concentrate.  (Or some thing close to this – it is in a notebook someplace, I swear. Considering that I keep in mind colors initially, I can inform you that the notebook is blue, and stored someplace safely in my home).

2015: Do. Think. Expand. – Do the operate. Think in the not possible. And Expand my globe.

2016: Challenge. Heal –&gt Strengthen. Inspire. – Challenge myself to do much more, the be much more, to attain additional. Heal then strengthen myself, and ultimately, attempt to locate approaches to inspire other individuals.

2017: Bold. Constant. Vulnerable. – As in Be Constant. Act Boldly. Show Vulnerability.


How It Functions

Just about every year I go by means of the identical procedure to define my three words. Not when have I deviated from it, even when I do not appear at the list. It occurred organically and somehow it remains organic and constant.

  1. Brainstorm a list of words I like and will be okay searching at them just about every day for subsequent year. Get rid of any words that may perhaps commence to annoy you element way by means of the year. Trust me on this 1.
  2. Choose key phrases from the list and make a thoughts map for every 1. In some cases words I assume are amazing only finish up with a handful of words in the thoughts map. I get rid of these. Narrowing it down to 3 words needs them to apply to several unique elements of my life.
  3. Narrow down chosen words
  4. Align with ambitions/path/objective (new)
  5. Finalize list
  6. Define what they imply to me.
  7. Create them down so they’re accessible
  8. Create them down every day, usually assigning a unique word to how I want to strategy the day.


In 2018, my three words are Breathe, Develop, and Slay.

I’m critical about my three words!


Final year was my initially year with my enterprise. Like all new entrepreneurs, just about every day was filled with operate. Regardless of how 2018 has began, I refuse to maintain that up. I created no time for myself. As a outcome, I wasn’t taking care of myself the way I know I want to.

I want to locate moments exactly where I can quit and just breathe. No matter if it is meditation, taking my dog to the beach, or taking time to see good friends, I want to add these moments back in.

Then can I commence actually creating.


Develop my enterprise. Develop my life back up. Develop a powerful foundation for the future.


As I make, the slaying can commence. “Slay” tends to make me laugh just about every time I say it. From Buffy to Beyoncé, I wanted a word that represents kicking-ass, undertaking remarkable factors, and possessing exciting even though I do it. Considering that my social media tactic course is known as “Slay Your Social”, the word came quickly. And it reminds me to be a kick-ass, powerful lady who slays all the voices of resistance inside my head and out in the globe to do excellent factors.



These are my three words.

Do you choose any this year? And if so, how are you undertaking with them so far? I hope the answer is remarkable. But if it is not, keep in mind it is not also late to restart.

Here’s to new beginnings, y’all.


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