three Tiny Words Disney Workers Are Under no circumstances Permitted To Say


Disney Globe is a single of the most magical areas a single can pay a visit to, but behind the curtain, it is a business enterprise just like any other. When Mickey goes residence for the evening, he leaves his ears and charming mouse demeanor behind. At least a single would hope so.

An anonymous former theme park employee listed 32 closely guarded secrets they discovered while operating at Disney, and it is not all cotton candy and Dole whips, though, there are definitely some perks.

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As detailed by POPSUGAR, a single of the a lot more peculiar guidelines is that Disney workers are not permitted to utter the 3 words “I do not know.” Writes anonymous:

If a guest asks you a query, you generally have to have an answer, no exceptions. If you do not know it, locate out, but do not say you do not know. If it is a silly query, make up a silly answer. If a youngster asks you what Tinker Bell eats ahead of her flight across the Magic Kingdom throughout the fireworks, you much better come up with an answer promptly. (Answer: incredibly tiny apples.)

According to Entertainment Overload, employees members are extensively educated so they are in a position to answer each query asked of them. And for these they merely draw a blank on, they are essential to telephone an operator to aid locate the answer.

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Other peculiarities of Disney’s function ethic incorporate: never ever becoming permitted to break character (you are a cast member, not an employee), generally pointing with two fingers (it is offensive to some cultures to point with a single finger), and generally addressing a guest by name.

Says anonymous:

Have you ever been shocked by a cast member who utilizes your name? It is either for the reason that you have a pin on with your name on it, or when you paid with your space crucial or credit card, we took a fast glance at it to get your name. That way, when we hand you your bag of stuffed animals, we can thank you by name and inform you to have a magical day.

They’re also essential to effortlessly choose up trash by scooping it up with no stopping to bend down (“bend as you stroll by and scoop it up.”) And also, have you ever noticed you can not purchase gum at the Disney parks? Walt Disney didn’t want to see it on the ground, so he refused to sell it. Clever man.


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