This Video is About Marijuana

Uh Oh.

OK. A factor I did not say, that I in all probability really should have, is that we have not truly had a opportunity to do as substantially analysis on marijuana as we really should have. Edibles have various effects than smoking which has various effects from vaping. Various strains have various amounts of THC and CBD and that matters. These are each psycho-active compounds and they each have effects on your brain. That is why they get you higher, but the highs are various and the effects (and hence prospective adverse side-effects are various.)

But it really is also quite difficult to even STUDY marijuana simply because it really is illegal…so this is each an additional purpose to decriminalize (to make analysis a lot easier) and a purpose why it really is far more complex (we never know for certain how lots of of the adverse effects we’ve teased out.

What We Know about Marijuana

Why is Weed Illegal?

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